Congratulations on your startup business! Many people would like to be where you are but have yet to assemble the necessary building blocks to make it. As accomplished as you may feel, realizing that a product or service has selling potential is only half the battle. Friends and family members may assist in promoting your startup initially, but any successful small business owner understands the importance of being able to appeal to the masses. That’s where your marketing capabilities come into play.

One of the many hats you’ll wear as you attempt to get your startup business off the ground is the role of digital marketer. This includes building your website — which is made easy by the numerous website building platforms –, settling on a digital voice, and promoting your service. We understand that this may all seem overwhelming at first. These three marketing tips for startups can help guide you through your initial marketing efforts.

Push the Product Before It’s Ready

One mistake that many startups make is that they hold off on promoting their product until it is complete and ready to sell. For some businesses, this may mean waiting until all of the inventory comes in, while for others it may involve working out the logistics of getting the product to consumers. Even though they do so with the best of intentions, it can be most damaging. One cannot expect his or her product to sell the moment it’s ready, especially when it is coming from a foreign source.

Statistics show that consumers will invest their time and money with businesses they trust — hence the unmatchable importance of online reviews. Start teasing your audience about your product in the months leading up to the expected release. Not only does this build up anticipation, but consumers have the time to make themselves aware of the product which can increase the possibility of them making a purchase.

Communicate with Customers

Businesses that listen to their customers and take action accordingly are those most likely to be successful. Create a forum on your website that allows individuals to leave their comments, reviews, and concerns or look to social media to see what they’re saying. However, you choose to do so, just be sure to communicate with your customers. Whether what they have to say is positive or negative, any feedback is good feedback.

Favorable reviews let you know what you are doing right, and unfavorable reviews often point out areas of improvement. By taking the time to listen and respond to customers, you’ll be able to build a transparent relationship with them and ultimately grow a consistent customer base.

Experiment with Marketing Channels

The time is now to experiment with all of the possible marketing channels out there. One of the greatest benefits of being a startup company is that you have no established identity and no set traditions to abide by. You are free to explore and discover what works for you and your product or service. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many other social media platforms are all out there waiting to be optimized. Take a stab at all of those that seem potentially beneficial. Allow yourself to fail and learn from those experiences so that you can come back even better equipped.

The field of digital marketing is one that takes time and patience to master. As your startup business continues to build clout in its respective field, you’ll be able to remove some of those hats and place them atop of experts willing and ready to take your business to new heights. Trust Market My Market to fill the role of digital marketer with grace. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in growing companies through the use of SEO, SEM, web design, and many other proven effective means. Contact us at (800) 954-9441 to speak with a digital marketing specialist today.