We hear too often of cases in which a company works with a digital marketing firm for a few months, sees some positive returns, and then the returns stop coming. If you’re running a business that is struggling to attract new clients, you need more than a promise that marketing efforts will be a worthy long-term investment. In this industry, it is all too common to encounter inexperienced digital marketing companies calling themselves “experts” in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more. How can you sift through these so-called “experts” and find a firm that you can trust with your campaign.One of the first considerations is truly understanding their competencies.  If the firm claims to be experts at SEO, SEM, social, web development, software development, and online reputation management, it is very unlikely they are truly professional on all levels.  After that, here are three other tips that may be worth considering.

Focus on Collaboration

At Market My Market, we are dedicated to working closely with our clients. Several marketing companies are elusive in their approach, and it can be difficult to track returns. Business owners frequently buy into promises of increased leads and higher Google rankings to be left indefinitely waiting for results. At times, business owners themselves don’t want to play a role in the digital marketing process, but open discussion between you and the marketing firm is vital to success. From the marketer’s perspective, clients that provide a clear picture of what they expect are often the ones who are most satisfied with marketing efforts.

Discover Available Tools

Digital marketing is a rapidly changing landscape. Not too long ago Google’s penguin update drastically affected SEO and negatively impacted big players. Such unpredictability means that your digital marketing firm needs to stay on top of the latest updates in Google search software, reporting tools, and digital marketing techniques. There are old mainstays that remain useful, but if you meet with someone who brags about their automatic link building software, exercise caution.

Inquire About Reporting

While your first consultation with a marketing company is a great opportunity to discuss your goals, you want to ensure that they stay in touch with you. How are your social media, pay-per-click, and SEO channels performing? Faulty marketing firms will try to avoid criticism by showing you successful campaigns while ignoring those which failed. Campaign reporting is vital in understanding what works best for you and your potential customers. A good marketing firm should show what works while opening a discussion on what to learn from the losses.

Finding a marketing firm is a big step for your business. Choosing the right one can help you propel your business forward and generate success. Market My Market is a full-service digital marketing agency dedicated to delivering results in a timely manner. We can help you with everything from website creation to SEO plans. Interested in seeing how we can help? Contact us today at (800) 954-9441 for a free marketing consultation.