Mobile smartphones are penetrating the market at a rapid rate. New innovations such as the Apple iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 prove that the mobile market is only expanding and becoming more and more relevant. Many users prefer to use their mobile devices when searching online rather than their desktop. As a small business owner its important to ask yourself a very significant question, is your website optimized for mobile viewers?

Here are 5 tips to consider when creating or optimizing your mobile website.

  1. Make it Simple  – Remember users are browsing your site out of convenience. You don’t want them getting lost on your site. Attempt to reduce the text and options offered. Simplicity is very important. For some, a simple contact, text or call button with some generic info might suffice. You don’t want your users typing in lines of text via their cellphone in order to contact you or find out more information.
  2. Match Your Branding – Use the sample color scheme, fonts, logos, and pictures. You don’t want a user thinking that they’ve stumbled upon the incorrect website.
  3. Avoid Flash and JavaScript – The #1 reason to avoid flash is simple. Apple products (i.e. the iPhone) does not support flash. Any content posted in flash will simply not show up. Many other phones do not support JavaScript so make sure to stay clear as well.
  4. Allow People to View The Full Site –  There might be some things that you’ve excluded from your mobile site that might be important for some users. Including a “View Full Site” logo at the bottom of your home page is common practice, as most sites implement this feature.
  5. Don’t Use Pop-Ups -Remember that you want to exclude any type of confusion or usability issues when creating your mobile site. Pop-Ups are aggravating and may distract customers when navigating your mobile site. It’s best to keep pop-ups to a minimum.

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