Search engine optimization is necessary to bring traffic to any website, blog, or any other online platform. A legitimate, serious, and well-planned approach is needed to perform effective SEO. Anyone who has performed even a mild amount of research into SEO work has likely come across the term “backlink.” There is a very good reason why backlinks are mentioned consistently with SEO.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links that point towards a particular website. Solid backlinks greatly aid in the ability to generate a good ranking in the search engines. Another name for backlinks is inbound links, and garnering a large number of quality backlinks/inbound links assists in improving your law firm’s SEO ranking.

Quality Counts

Quality plays an important part in whether or not the added backlinks actually do deliver the desired result. Simply placing links on “any old” site or directory on the internet would not help. In fact, taking this step would likely hurt the rankings of a website.

Quality links are ones that are relevant. Relevancy, in part, is derived from the similarity in content. In other words, a website for a restaurant should place its links on websites that share something in common. Health, fitness, cuisine, and travel websites would be good places to add links. Websites or directories associated with automotive repair, however, would be ill-fitting.

The quality of the site also correlates to its popularity and presence search engines. Putting links on a site people visit adds more “points.” The more positive points acquired, the better the ranking in search engines will be.

Adding the Backlinks

The way backlinks are added plays a role in how well the links contribute to SEO results. Filling the internet with hundreds of links within a very short period of time would likely get a website seriously penalized. The slow, natural, and organic addition of links to the internet would be a much better plan yielding far better results.

No More Trades

The era of reciprocal links may be over. Reciprocal links are when to companies agree to link to each other’s web page. In the past, trading links was perfectly acceptable but Google vastly changed its attitude towards link trading. The legitimacy and relevancy of the links were both in question. Today, avoiding link trades is advisable.

Working on Backlinks

Building up a solid amount of backlinks has the potential to support a solid SEO campaign. As long as the right way of selecting and adding backlinks is followed, the links should do some good for a website publisher looking for solid search engine placement. Market My Market can help your law firm take advantage of backlinking. Contact us today to discover more.