Attorneys often do not have an easy go of things when it comes to how they should be spending their time on social media. They have to carefully balance their desire to market to people online with the fact that they must exhibit caution to avoid crossing professional boundaries. When it comes to social media, there are a few platforms that are effective for legal marketing. Explore the top 3 social platforms to decide which is best for your law firm.


The largest social media website in the world is the one that is considered essential for every type of business, regardless of size or industry. Facebook has advanced analytics that can track how people interact with ads, pages, and general posts. With this information, your law firm can target specific demographics that would be most likely in need of your services. As long as you take the time to build a strong business page and become familiar with all of its services, Facebook can be highly beneficial for your law firm.


Instagram is a social media website owned by Facebook. It is one of the fastest growing on the Internet, but it has the potential downside of not being the right fit for many law firms. The reality is that one must have something vital to share with those who follow the Instagram page that you set up. People do not much care about average everyday pictures. They just one to see the unique and interesting snapshots from around the world. If you cannot make that happen, then you do not need to have an Instagram.


Does Twitter make sense for a law firm? It depends. It is easy to use and get involved with. There is 140 character post limit, and you can attach multimedia to all of your posts. At the same time, there are many Twitter accounts out there, so your posts may easily get drowned out by posts from other accounts depending on the individual’s feed.

Keep it short and sweet with this platform. There is no reason to go into too much detail. Just try to connect people to the information they need in an easy and informative way. Being witty is definitely an attribute here, but tread carefully to ensure that you do not upset anyone or group of people. Be sure to stay engaged with current events relevant to your practice and to tweet regularly, otherwise your law firm’s Twitter account will serve little purpose.

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