We rarely write posts promoting specific products but after testing out “buffer app” over the past two week weeks we’ve got to say that it’s saved us time and frustration, but most importantly helped us optimize our social media presence.

How It Works

Head to www.bufferapp.com. ┬áSimply log into the buffer app via your Twitter or Facebook login or create a Buffer account using your e-mail. You then connect all the social networks you would like to use. Buffer currently supports Twitter, Facebook, Google plus (pages only), LinkedIn and App.net. After entering the information you’d like to share with your network, click the buffer button and your post is sent out to each social network you choose. The post is automatically optimized to post at a time where your connections are most apt to view and interact with your post.

What We Like

We’ve tried multiple social management tools and have to say this is the best one we’ve seen yet. They even have a native plug-in for Google chrome which let’s you buffer any page you currently viewing. The plugin also creates a button next to your Facebook post in your browser which allows you to choose to post immediately or buffer your post.
Along with a super easy to use interface, buffer allows you to connect to various tracking tools such as bit.ly. Their native tracking system also shows exactly which posts where clicked and how many times. We have yet to try their enterprise edition, but this promises the ability to add multiple accounts from one network.

What We’d Like to See

We’d love to see additional functionality including

  • Limiting buffer posts per day
  • Enhanced Scheduling
  • XML Tweet Uploads
  • Enhanced Analytics

If you need help managing your social network please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.