Online reviews have become hugely popular in recent years as consumers yearn quality services. Research has found that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. The candidly honest reviews customers leave after receiving a service can either attract or deter future consumers.

Any business owner who hopes of staying in business understands the importance of a satisfied customer. To thrive as a business in 2017, one must gain and uphold the trust of consumers. This cannot be done through a mere “satisfaction guaranteed” blurb, but instead through consistent and trustworthy content. Here are three ways you can utilize digital content to gain trust.

Create Perceived Authority

With the seemingly limitless number of sources for “alternative facts,” consumers are in desperate search of an authoritative figure. Your website should serve as the voice of authority for your service of choice. Provide content that users can reference when they need information on a particular topic relevant to your services.

Browsers are likely to refer to your website or suggest your business to those in need once you have established yourself as a trusted source of information. Through the use of social media sharing tools, one quality piece of content can catch fire and direct dozens — even hundreds — of browsers to your website daily.

Be Honest and Consistent

Ever heard of “click bait?” It is when a headline is sensationalized to get people to click a link that ultimately leads to underwhelming material. Not only is it misleading, but browsers will make sure not to refer to your website for any further information. The easiest way to build trust with your digital marketing content is to be honest.

Consistency is also important in gaining consumer trust. Consumers recognize a company that shows they are committed to the promotion of their services or product. Regularly produce reliable and engaging content that will continue to intrigue visitors and you will likely build a consistent following.

Take an Interest in Your Audience

Content producers should genuinely take an interest in their audience rather than constantly sell to them. If a reader comments on one of your blogs or social media posts, be sure to submit a timely response. Remain professional, but speak to your audience as you would a friend rather than a customer. When a customer leaves a review of your services (positive or negative), acknowledge them in a manner that best represents your business. The proper response to a negative review can show professionalism and your company’s commitment to satisfy every customer.

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