56% of cell phone users in the United States own a smartphone. That is a large and fast growing market to try and capture. For certain businesses mobile presence is pivotal to attract and keep customers. Will a mobile app benefit your business?

As a marketing agency, we have seen many business apps enter the industry. Only a few of them are actually useful. Developing an app is not cheap and can cost thousands of dollars to build. Before you make a huge investment on creating an app for your business you may want to consider these three questions:

  1. What purpose will the app serve for your business?  Not all businesses require a stand-alone mobile app. There are options out there like Foursquare, Google+ , and a few others that can easily connect people to your business. Now, if your business require phone feature’s like GPS, accelerometer, or is a fully integrated online service then having a mobile app might be useful.
  2. Who will be your users? Consider the user end of your app. Do some research and see if your customers run on Android, Blackberry, iOS, or Windows. Knowing which iOS they use will make a huge difference in how they experience the app. You want a user-friendly app that is tailored to your customers’ specific needs.
  3. Is the team you are working with experienced?  Working with an experienced team is crucial to the building of a good app. Check out their portfolio and apps that they have created for others. A well designed app should not only be beautiful but easy to use and evolve with the business. Don’t think that an app is a onetime thing, it requires maintenance and updates just like a live website. You will be saved from major customer service blunders if you team up with an experienced team that knows what they are doing.