Have you ever wanted to separate your blog posts on different pages based on their category?  I know for sure I definitely have (and this may eventually happen to our own WordPress blog) but for now I’ll go ahead and show you how to do it yourself.  This is great for businesses that have different areas they want to discuss topics on and don’t want them feeding all into the same place.

Go ahead and get the plugin “List categories posts” under the plugins section of your WordPress admin.  Once it is activated, you want to either start creating categories that will separate your blog feeds, or look up the “slugs” of the ones you already created.


Once you are satisfied with the new pages that’l host your specific blogs, make sure your categories align with pages that will host them.  For example, if you are a restaurant and you want to have your blog separated by “Events” and “Company News”, make sure you have an actual page for each.  For them to start showing up on those pages, you’re going to use the plugin’s shortcode, which you can see below:



This short code will create the feed on the page, display the publishing date, and show an excerpt of the blog containing the first 20 words.  You want to see full documentation of the plugin to know what variables are available.  Documentation is here.

Using this technique doesn’t necessarily mean you have to divide your blog out into multiple pages – you can keep your original blog and have only the related blogs show up on specific pages, based on parameters you can outline such as a certain author and tags.

Need any help?  We’re always on standby.  Drop us a line.