Chase Williams and Ryan Klein, founders and managing partners of Market My Market, have been in the marketing industry for years. They first met as freshmen at the University of Central Florida. The two lived in the same dorm building and became friends through playing guitar in the common areas. After college, they went their separate ways. 

Chase, a marketing major, began a career in the sales industry. “I sold timeshares, then transitioned to a sales role for Madison Square Garden,” Chase said. However, he soon realized that he wanted to do more of the actual marketing than sales. He went back to school and obtained his Master’s in Business Administration and began working for a small start-up. 

ryan-chase-imageOn the other hand, Ryan studied finance and began work as an intern at an SEO agency post-graduation. “I really enjoyed the SEO side of things and got the hang of it pretty quickly.” The agency Ryan worked for had clients ranging from private colleges to plumbers and lawn care to law firms. “For some reason, I really gravitated toward the legal clients, which really set me down the path of legal marketing.” 

It wasn’t until a few years later that Chase and Ryan decided to start Market My Market. “We always went to each other for help, and we eventually realized we could do something really special if we worked together. We knew we could do what other agencies were doing, but we were confident that we could do it better.” Chase said. 

What started as two friends from college and a handful of clients has transformed into a quickly growing business with in-house content, SEO, account management, and business development teams. “We really pride ourselves on hiring the best possible talent,” Chase said. Ryan added: “Finding the right people ensures we’re consistently producing the best content and product for clients.” 

The duo also launched the Legal Mastermind Podcast, which just released its 100th episode. “A lot of our clients started having questions outside of our expertise, and we didn’t really have the answers to those questions or the resources to refer our clients to,” Chase said. “So, we thought podcasting would be a great way to find these resources for our clients.” 

Managing a company is hard, but Chase and Ryan can still find time outside of work for themselves. Chase enjoys being active. “I run, bike, play tennis, and I love spending time with my kids.” Ryan’s an avid traveler and is looking forward to visiting new places, especially “mom and pop restaurants,” once he can. 

Looking to the future, both Chase and Ryan agreed on where they would like to see Market My Market: There’s not always a goal in mind for revenue or number of clients, but what kind of impact can we have on the industry,” Ryan said. “We want Market My Market to change the dynamic of what people can expect when partnering with an agency through transparency, accountability, experience, and results.”