Meet Maria, our favorite Content Manager at Market My Market! Maria brings extensive knowledge of content and writing to our content development team. She has a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and dual minors in history and women’s studies. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria regularly led a writing critique group of individuals who wrote different pieces of content within genres such as non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, general fiction, and young adult novels.

As a content manager, Maria says each day brings a variety of tasks and responsibilities. She appreciates being a part of a team and company that communicates well, works together, and always has more than one set of eyes to oversee projects. During her weekends, she enjoys hanging out at her friend’s local coffee shop and relaxing with her cat, Princess, who she jokingly describes as “a senior cat – a very busy business cat that enjoys her time alone. Her name is very fitting because she is very princess-like.”

What Is Your Previous Experience in Creating Content? 

“I led a writing critique group that was very broad, and there was an ebb-and-flow to the people who joined or stayed in the group. It was a lot of fun. Each person went in different directions after COVID hit, and this changed paths for the group. My writing frequency has lessened since then but I would like to do something like that again in the future.” 

What Is Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

“I take kickboxing classes, and people often don’t expect that or know that.” 

What Does a Typical Workday Look Like for You?

“It’s hard to pinpoint a ‘typical workday.’ In general, I start with emails and reviewing assignments for the day. I tackle any urgent tasks and then look over completed content that has been done for the month to send over to our account managers. I also work on rocks for this quarter, refining current processes, and continue working on anything that makes the next day better. Content planning is also a part of the process, but making sure the content team is progressing and that everything is working better is something important for each day.”

What Motivates You to Get Up for Work Every Day?

“I really enjoy working with the team and looking at the content processes to find ways to make each day better than before. I enjoy working with the team to move content along in the process for each client. Also, getting feedback from clients and working with account managers – it’s a combination of all those things.”

Where Would We Find You on a Saturday? 

“At my favorite locally owned coffee-shop, owned by a friend of mine. I go there every Saturday and sit and hang out. Sometimes friends will drop by, or I sit and write. My friends that own the shop will sit with me and we catch up sometimes. I’ve gotten to know some of the regulars that come in on Saturday. I found it initially when we were meeting up for the writing group I was leading. I buy all my coffee from my friend’s shop.” 

Five Years from Now….

“Since the pandemic, a lot has changed with how I view time and even my perspective of life. I hope that whatever I’m doing in the future, I’m working to be better than yesterday whether in personal growth or professionally. I want to enjoy kickboxing, yoga, or anything that means being healthy. I always want to continue doing new things and continue to evolve and grow.”