For law firms that wish to get ahead in the digital age today, social media is one tool that they cannot do without. But if you are not tracking what works best on platforms such as Facebook, you will never know whether you are using social media to its maximum. Let us look at how Facebook Insights works and how it can be used efficiently.

Understanding Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an algorithm that tracks the interactions on your business Facebook page. It allows you to see what type of content performs well on your social media page and who sees it the most. This information is valuable to your business because it shows:

  • The posts that have been shared, liked, or commented on the most
  • The best times and days to post content
  • The male to female ratio of those who follow your page
  • How much exposure your updates are given
  • Where your followers are geographically located

Any administrator on your business account will have access to Insight. Knowing this information allows you to figure out what content you need to be sharing from your page and the best time to do so.

Accessing Facebook Insights

First, log into your business Facebook account. The “Insights” button can be found at the very top of the page next to “Publishing Tools” and “Notifications”. Click on this option to receive your personal data, usually gathered from the last week. For a more in-depth view, click on the individual tabs found at the top of the page, such as “Reach,” “Likes,” Videos,” and “Visits.”

Overview of Facebook Insights

Using the “Posts” tab will allow you to figure out when you have the most active users online on any given day. This will help you decide when you should post to reach your widest Facebook audience. It is important to monitor this aspect on a regular basis in the event you need to change up your strategy.

The “Post Types” tab found under “Posts” will help you figure out the type of content that you should share to reach your target audience and gain maximum exposure. Using the “People” and “Your Fans” tab will allow you to see the average age of your followers and where they are from. This allows you to target a particular audience based on age, gender, and city.

In Conclusion

Using Insights on your Facebook business profile will help you learn more about your audience and the posts you are sharing. You’ll see how easy it is to successfully market your law firm and reach more people than ever before. Allow the digital marketing experts at Market My Market to further enhance your social media presence. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.