The efficacy of properly executed social media marketing cannot be stressed enough. By developing a social media voice and presence that resonates with the masses, you become an entity that consumers want to engage – and hopefully – spend money with. We’re sure you’re aware of all this, but the overarching message is to ensure that you are fully optimizing your digital presence. This means being active on multiple social media platforms and implementing marketing strategies that have the type of users and how they interact with content in mind.

With that said, how is your Facebook marketing strategy working for you? Are you getting the leads you expected or does it seem like something’s missing? Well, if you have yet to optimize the increasingly popular messenger app, Facebook Messenger, then it’s easy to see why. This social media platform has attracted hundreds of millions of users in recent years and has quickly become the ideal place for entities to directly communicate with potential consumers in a manner that makes email marketing seem archaic.

Inside Facebook Messenger’s Rapid Growth

Facebook Messenger originally debuted in 2011 and has grown exponentially in recent years after undergoing multiple facelifts and updates. TechCrunch reports that Facebook Messenger acquired 1.2 billion users as of April 2017, effectively doubling in size in two years. Facebook Messenger currently has over 1.3 billion users and counting.

With features that allow wifi audio and video calling, money transfers, and third-party app integration, one can see what lures the seemingly endless number of users to this platform daily. However, the update that transformed the app from just another messaging platform to a social media marketing haven is the implementation of chatbots.

Chatbots provide instantaneous responses to consumer inquiries and have proven to be an ideal match for Facebook Messenger. Sponsored Messenger Ads and Newsfeed Messenger Ads are advertising methods that both utilize chatbots to engage with consumers and have seen great success on this game-changing platform.

Sponsored Messenger Ads

Sponsored Messenger Ads allow you to reconnect with consumers who have previously interacted with your Facebook page. With such ads, you can deliver a personalized message directly to users’ inboxes, and Facebook makes it easy. All you need to do is select the page that you want to send the messages from and Facebook will generate a custom audience based on page visitors. Once that’s established, all you need to do is go in, customize your message, and create a call to action.

These ads are highly effective for sharing information on current sales, upcoming events, or even just to leave a friendly reminder. With the ability to draft text-only messages, you can also give off a much more authentic feel, to avoid the look of a paid advertisement.

Newsfeed Messenger Ads

Newsfeed Messenger ads are just like traditional Facebook ads, but they differ slightly. While typically with Facebook ads you would design a social media ad with a CTA that directs the user to your website, Newsfeed Messenger Ads direct users to a message thread in the Facebook Messenger app. This means that content will need to be slightly different as it should spark a conversation rather than merely throw a product or service in the user’s face.

We don’t expect you to have someone on the app around-the-clock interacting with users and neither does Facebook. You can set up automated responses based on keyword inputs and also provide response options for the user to enter to trigger a preset message to a particular inquiry.

Social media platforms like Facebook and many others provide you with a unique opportunity to engage with potential consumers. Allow the digital marketing experts at Market My Market to help you optimize your digital presence. Contact us today to discover how we can expand upon your digital horizons.