Facebook has joined the likes of Avvo, Yelp, and Angie’s List as the latest professional service platform. This is an innovative move as there is no other major social media site that provides this service. The platform allows Facebook users to discover reviewed local businesses that best fit their needs. Current business Facebook profiles have the ability to add their business to the directory and broadcast their services to over a billion users. Search results are based on:

  • Where your law firm is located
  • Matching keywords
  • Number of ratings
  • Number of check-ins
  • Recent interactions
  • Overall ratings

This is a big move for Facebook, but what effect can it have on your law firm?

A 2014 study concluded that over 80 percent of consumers perform some sort of research before investing in a service. This number is likely to have increased, as the use of online review services have continuously been on the rise.The number of reviews on Yelp tripled from roughly 30 million to about 90 million from 2012 to 2015 and smartphones are likely the reason why.

Rather than having to use a desktop or laptop to look up an online review before leaving the house, consumers have the ability to research and get directions to various destinations on the go. This allows individuals with a Facebook account to find your law firm without having to open a new tab or join a third party review site. Their entertainment and services are all included in one app. This is especially important since convenience is of utmost importance in the digital age.

New Interactive Platform

This new interactive platform is unique in many ways. One of the most obvious being that this professional services site happens to be the most popular social media platform and already has billion of users. This will allow you to broaden your consumer reach without having to register with another platform.

As mentioned earlier, one of the factors for search results is recent interactions. This allows your law firm to benefit from engaging with potential and past clients online. You may need to put a tighter focus on your social media presence, but the benefits can be uncomparable. Consumers enjoy hearing from the people that they plan on investing in as it allows them to gain a peace of mind knowing that you will take the time to speak with them.

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