We wanted to share a few of our favorite free local SEO tools with you. These free tools are great resources to give anyone an edge in SEO, from seasoned professionals to amateurs. SEO can be hard work but it doesn’t have to be. We just made it easier for you by providing this list!


Start by simply type in the name of your company and zipcode. GetListed will show you where you are already listed. It will suggest where you should be listed, if you are already not on there, such as Google + or Foursqaure. We recommend exploring there website a bit more, it is full of various free features.


5 Minute Site provides a tool that is beneficial for generating terms as you enter keywords and geographic data. This helps with PPC and on-page Local SEO. You can just generate the keywords then copy and past into your Google Adwords account.


Whitespark’s tool helps you increase your rankings on Google Plus.  You can now create a review handout. Getting Google reviews is important for any business. Sometimes customers or clients just need a simple handout that walks them through the process of writing up a review.


Those annoying census surveys we all have to take every 10 years comes in handy for SEO. Their tool allows you to look up  statistical demographic information of a particular area or region in the Unites States. Want to learn more about your client base? The Census has you covered!

Small SEO Tools

Plagiarism is a problem in SEO but now you can track if others are taking credit for your work. Just copy and past your content into their tool and if it comes up red, someone might have plagiarized what you wrote.

SEO Review Tools

SEO Review Tools has a great tool available for analyzing the word count of pages on your site. You can add 10 URLs at a time and the tool will show you the exact word count, corrected word count (total word count minus anchor text word count), anchor text word count, and the percentage of anchor text words. So if you are interested in making sure your content has a sufficient word count, this is a great tool that will get the job done.

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