Google has awarded over 30,000 certificates of completion for their new Google Analytics Academy! The new course is the ideal offering for online marketeers that want to have a better understanding of the technical aspect of online marketing.

The new academy debuted in October of 2013 and had an initial enrollment of over 145,000 students. The academy recently announced a new course that will kick off called the Google Analytic Platform Principles.

Why Enroll?

Information is power! The more you know about analytics the better you can use data to your advantage. The new Google Analytic Platform Principles course is a good example of what is offered in these coursed that are self paced and offers the following as part of the course material:

• The 4 areas of Analytics Platform; reporting,configuration, collection s and processing
• How it is that analytics collects information that you need from different devices
• The course explains how your data is prepared before you reports are sent to you.
• This course also reviews the key ideas that could best customize your data to best suit your needs.

This course can help you get the most out of collected data and to use it to the greatest advantage. Furthering your understanding makes you a valuable asset to your own business and to other businesses as well. More courses will follow this one!

Its Free!

The course is completely free! The Google Analytics Academy offers all their courses for free. You do have to answer a basic survey and have a Google account but other than taking the time out to take the survey and to open a Google account the cost is nothing.

A Better Use of Resources

Google is offering these free course through their newly founded Academy because it benefits them as well as you. A better understanding of how to use the analytics resources best saves time, increases business leads and cuts down on frustration.

Understanding data collection processes and how to fine tune that collection process can make every party involved more profitable. Taking a free course that you can take at your own pace is a great opportunity to amp up your human capital value should you decide to work for another business or to boast your own selling value.

Of course Google has a few selling points that they throw in at the end of the registration process but there is nothing mandatory that you are required to do just keep hitting next till you get to the free course!