The Internet is now the primary tool that most people use to find businesses and services. Review sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List are a powerful tool for both consumers and businesses when it comes to service reviews. Unfortunately, it only takes a few bad reviews to dramatically reduce a business’ profits, which is why it’s important that every business knows what steps they can take to help mitigate against the damage a negative review can cause.

Make Sure to Respond

The very first step should be to respond to the negative review directly on the review site. By leaving a response, you are showing both the person that left the review and other potential customers that you take them and their concerns seriously. Of course, it is important that you leave a professional, courteous response, and if you’re lucky, this might be enough to convince the reviewer to retract or edit their negative review.

Encourage Customers to Leave Positive Reviews

The more positive reviews that your business has online, the less of an impact you’ll see from one or two negative reviews. For this reason, it is essential that you do whatever you can to encourage your customers to leave reviews. Some businesses have begun offering incentives, such as discounts, to those who can prove they left a review, while others hold monthly contests or raffles to award one lucky reviewer.

Beef Up Your Social Media Presence

One way to mitigate against the effects of negative reviews is to have as wide of a social media presence as possible. If you have positive reviews on a variety of different sites, there is less of a chance that your potential customers will be put off by one or two negative reviews on one or two sites. On the other hand, if you only have one or two social media profiles, a few negative reviews could be enough to convince those potential customers to take their business elsewhere.

Contact the Review Website about Unfair Reviews

Although this method usually doesn’t produce much in terms of results, it can be very useful if you find yourself attacked by trolls. In the case that your business is not actually at fault for the negative review and the reviewer has shown themselves to be a problem, you might just be able to get the site to remove the unfair negative review.

Acquiesce to the Reviewer’s Demands

Contacting the negative reviewer directly is always a good idea if possible. Although you may feel that their review was unfair, it is generally still in your best interest to do whatever it takes to get them to delete or change their review. While you may feel that this is giving in, if you can get the person to change their review by offering them products or services in exchange, it may be well worth it no matter how much it hurts your pride.

All companies are susceptible to the impacts that negative reviews can cause. Unfortunately, maintaining a vibrant, positive social media presence isn’t always an easy task. For this reason, it might be well worth it to consult with Market My Market to ensure your business isn’t adversely affected by negative reviews. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.