Digital marketing trends continue to change as new marketing channels are developed and ways to use them are created. Keep your law firm ahead of the curve by staying up to date on law firm marketing trends. As we go through 2017, some of the digital marketing trends listed have already come to pass. Here are some strategies that are likely to be successful this year:

Focus The Content On The User: It’s becoming more important to develop user focused content. While user focused content was important last year, it’s likely to become much more complex and multi faceted this year.

More Competition: There will be more online competition between law firms. Therefore, it will be important to put much more time and money into your online marketing strategy.

Use The Latest Technology: Technology is quickly becoming more advanced. If your technology is outdated, your online marketing strategy won’t be very effective.

Online Reviews: It can be expected that your online reviews will continue to become more important this year. Pay very close attention to search engine reputation management.

Video Content: It’s becoming increasingly important to include video content on your website. Many radio and TV ads are being replaced by short, captioned social media videos.

Should You Hire An SEO Expert?

If it’s possible, you should hire experts to assist you with your SEO strategy. However, it is possible to implement an effective SEO strategy yourself. Here are a few online marketing tips for law firms:

  • If you have staff at your firm, delegate certain online marketing tasks to them.
  • Use longer pieces of content rather than multiple short pieces. This can lead to better search rankings. However, it’s important that the longer pieces of content are full of quality information.
  • Get involved in community outreach. Not only can this give your firm positive publicity online, but it can also result in a backlink from a well known organization. It’s a good idea to have a recurring event be part of your community outreach.
  • If it’s possible, acquiring a high end domain can be a good investment for your firm.
  • Work on improving your conversion rate optimization strategy. In order to do this, it is essential that the content on your page is effective at drawing in business.
  • Make sure that your website loads quickly.
  • Pay attention to email marketing.
  • Take voice searches into account.
  • Pay close attention to practice pages.
  • Make sure that your law firm’s website is mobile friendly.
  • Pay attention to branding your firm.
  • Pay close attention to your website’s ROI.
  • Write an effective bio page.

These tips can help you acclimate to the ever changing digital marketing industry. For further information on how to maximize your digital presence contact Mareting4Legal. Our digital marketing experts can provide you with the information needed  to take your law firm to the next level.