Attribution is not a relatively new concept in the world of marketing. However, despite the fact that it has been here for years, it remains one of the biggest dilemmas for many marketers. Now, Google has announced a new beta attribution called Google Attribution, a free tool that evaluates the role that various marketing strategies play in influencing customer buying decisions.

Google Attribution is designed to attract marketers that feel last-click models don’t sufficiently explain customer behavior. However, what they don’t understand is that there is more to this tool other than breaking the old last-click paradigm. Here is everything that law firms need to know about Google Attribution.

It Helps Determine If A Strategy Is Working

We are in a time when marketing strategies are all over the place. Despite its relevancy, many law firms are unaware of what marketing strategies work and resort to guessing. All in all, every marketer must ask themselves whether their marketing strategy works or not. Google Attribution is designed to remove any doubt and help marketers measure the impact of their marketing strategy.

Works In Real World

The concept of attribution is easy to fall in love with, but marketers still find it hard to apply the concept in the real world. Previous attribution tools had their flaws, and the results they gave did not reflect the ground truth. Google Attribution solves most attribution challenges and is easy to work with in the real world. The tool is even simplified and easy for first timers to comprehend.

Employs Machine Learning To Facilitate Data-Driven Attribution

Google has invested a lot in this tool, and it will be using machine learning to enable data-driven attribution. How is this helpful? The fact that Google Attribution uses machine learning means that it will be easy to determine how much credit to allocate to each level in the consumer journey from the first time they engage with a brand. This can help law firms allocate marketing funds more wisely.

Privacy Issues

To make Google Attribution a reality, Google partnered with many firms to give the tech giant access to private data of many people around the world. This has caused privacy concerns with many observers saying the technology is collecting too much data from people. However, Google maintains that its partners give it access to spending data only. The company also revealed that it had developed a new encryption technology that ensures users’ data is secure and anonymous.

It Is Free

The newly announced Google Attribution comes as a blessing for small and medium businesses because it is free. The tool is expected to attract more business owners using Google ad services. Also, the tool is integrated with Google ads and analytics products.
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