In the legal business world, 
marketing is crucial to success. Learning how to best market your services, products, and skills can be as important as representing your clientele. If no message reaches out to potential leads, how can anyone find out what your law firm offers? The digital landscape is always changing for lawyers, so keeping an eye on future marketing trends is essential for finding new clients. What legal marketing strategies should lawyers watch out for in 2017?

Generating More New Cases Through Your Website

Your website will continue to be one of your larger assets in 2017. Combining visits from desktop computers, tablets, and phones, 70% of a lawyer’s new cases come through the website. This data brings to light how important it is to keep a site that is optimized among all platforms. Your website’s design should do more than display basic information like your address and hours of operation. More in-depth content like what makes your law firm stand out among your peers helps establish you as a trustworthy resource. This content can take many forms like legal news, branding, and client testimonials. Most potential leads are looking for high quality help; why not provide a high quality website?

Personalized Content Stands Out

If you feel like many of your competitors’ websites are the same, there may be a reason. Only 3% of law firm websites deliver personalized content. That means that 97% of sites are too closely matched in terms of blog posts and pages. Having your content match too closely with another page can harm search rankings. Since more clients are using search engines to find local attorneys, take the extra time in making your page stand out. If you are struggling to deliver a unique message, focus on what makes your firm stand out. Think of reasons why your client should choose you over a competitor.

Video Marketing can Increase User Engagement

Written content marketing is still important – especially for Google’s ranking system – but video content appears to be paving the way for more user engagement. It is important to note that this trend can be a double edged sword for lawyers who are not familiar with producing videos. Poor quality video production can turn away many viewers. As Youtube continues to increase in popularity, it is only natural that more people will want to absorb more content with minimal effort.

Marketing with Analytics

The days of successfully attracting clients via radio, TV, and newspapers are numbered. With the rise of the internet and the increasing strength of search engine results, it has become easier than ever to directly target consumers based on their immediate needs. This does not mean that throwing money at e-mail, Google Adwords, and SEO campaigns will lead to automatic leads. To use these tools successfully, you need to implement an integrated marketing strategy. In 2017, digital marketing will continue leaning towards data driven decisions rather than developing a campaign from pure “gut instinct.”

The best digital marketing strategies for your law firm can change in an instant. The success of your strategy depends largely on your ability to zero-in on specific marketing goals and your dedication to working with marketers who stay current on all the latest legal marketing trends. Interested in adopting the latest strategies for your form? Contact us for a free marketing consultation and evaluation of your law firm’s website.