For many law firms, local traffic is a driving force behind their success. However, many don’t invest sufficient time or thought into creating locally-relevant content for their websites. Local traffic, word of mouth, and advertising are what keep businesses thriving. Due to this, marketing to potential local clients can drastically improve a firm’s visibility. While the goal of any website is increased traffic, the true purpose should be to increase targeted traffic. When businesses target the local populace, it can drastically improve the conversion from simple traffic, to clientele.

Why is Locally Relevant Content so Important?

According to Google, over 80 percent of consumers utilize search engines to gather more information about their location. Whether they are searching for local businesses or asking legal questions, this can perfectly position a firm to answer those questions. Websites with highly relevant local content will appear higher in Google listings, thereby increasing the chance that consumers with questions will click on a firm’s website for answers.

It is important to understand Google’s definition of “valuable content,” and their webmaster guidelines to boost your law firm’s Google ranking. This not only helps Google rank a business’s website but entices more potential clients to click on their webpage.

It’s necessary to use the local language and relevant locations to attract the local audience. Approach pages with the client’s thoughts in mind. What questions are potential clients likely to ask? Are there specific locales to include on the page? When firms approach their local pages from the resident’s point of view, they establish trust with them. Marketing agencies, however, typically have very little knowledge about a firm’s specific location. No one can market to local traffic quite like those who have in-depth knowledge of the area and demographics.

How to Create Content for a Local Audience

Authenticity is key when creating content that will entice a local audience. A local audience can easily spot duplicate content, which will diminish trust in a firm’s authenticity and dedication. First impressions are everything, so creating unique and location-specific content is imperative to success. Consider mentioning specific businesses, streets, cities, and issues, but refrain from stuffing each page with keywords. This not only impedes the flow and professionalism of the page but violates Google’s guidelines. Additionally, consider breaking up the text by adding visual elements to local pages. Visuals increase traffic engagement and make web pages easier to view and navigate.

Finally, speak in a language the local audience can understand. Do not use complex terminology, as many readers will not understand or relate to this type of content. The key to developing trust with potential clients is mutual understanding. If page visitors truly feel that a firm can relate to the issues they face, they are much more likely to reach out for further information. To further develop trust, consider adding a call to action for the specific locale. This may further entice readers to reach out when looking for local representation.

Market My Market can adequately address these matters and help you make the most of marketing on city pages. We understand the importance of gaining the trust of potential clients and can aid in your effort to attract more clients. Contact us today to learn more about how your firm can be more proactive about connecting with the local audience.