This year, not only are we attending Lawyernomics, but we are sponsoring it. One thing we care deeply about as a company is spreading the word about good marketing and helping other businesses get more business. Conferences like Lawyernomics and others are an important and effective way to get that message out there. Business owners and marketers meet up at conferences like these to discuss the latest marketing strategies and separate what works from what doesn’t. This information can be a powerful tool to help both agencies like ours and the actual business owners. Conferences like Lawyernomics help move our industry forward and refine processes in which we meaningfully connect with potential clientele. That’s why we are proud sponsors of Lawyernomics 2017.

What is Lawyernomics?

Lawyernomics is a legal marketing conference which Avvo holds on an annual basis. Not only is Lawyernomics one of the biggest legal marketing conferences, but it’s one of the biggest marketing conferences in general. This year the company has announced over 600 attendees and 40 speakers across the 3-day Vegas event. Some of the most notable speakers this year include Tom Breitling (founder and CEO of Breitling Ventures), Mark Britton (founder and CEO of AVVO, and Andrew Arruda (CEO and co-founder of ROSS Intelligence) among others.  Other speakers are both lawyers with a strong background in marketing their firms, or those that have assisted law firms with their growth for years.

Are You Attending? Let’s Meet Up

As official conference sponsors, you’ll find us all over the place speaking with other lawyers and legal professionals and chatting about strategy and goals. If you’re planning on attending, we’d love to meet up with you.  We’re immersed in the legal marketing community and would love to chat about what you’re doing and give you some invaluable insight. In fact, you can text us at 1-800-997-7336 any time during the 3-day event, and we’ll figure out a good time to meet up and discuss your marketing goals. Drinks on us!