Marketing strategies are always changing as professionals seek to grow their businesses or trades. The search for new powerful and effective tools has led to the abandonment of old trends. This year the five big themes in the online marketing arena will be user focused content, changing technology, and increased competition. Here is a look at some of the trends that will occur in connection to these themes.

DIY Approach to Marketing

In a bid to provide user focused content and address the stiff competition, small firms will seek to take marketing in their own hands. Indeed, there are numerous concepts of internet marketing that attorneys can learn online thanks to the pool of free resources available online. Although it is advisable to hire an agency to address your marketing needs, with a little research, you can handle a good share of the marketing tasks and leave the rest to the professionals.

Content Will Be Longer

Studies have indicated that refreshing and extending content regularly leads to great SEO rankings on Google. Furthermore, the length of content has been associated with positive rankings and this may be the reason why longer content will be the norm of legal websites this year. Many people prefer detailed content for various types of topics.

Social Media Campaigns

Many law firms have become increasingly accustomed to social media for reaching out to local communities, brand awareness, and having a positive impact on causes that their communities are concerned about.

To create a social media campaign, all you need to do is identify a cause that is popular in your community. Create a post on social media announcing that you will give out a certain amount for each person who likes your post, and finally limit the offer to a set period.

Since it is common for potential clients to go through your profile on social media before calling you, filling your profile with positive information and community-focused events will boost your web presence.

Community Outreach

The main concept of community outreach is to help law firms achieve two goals: brand development and SEO. Engaging in community outreach helps you build an effective brand within the community. When it comes to SEO, businesses have come to learn that associating with reputable organizations like non-profits and universities can help boost web presence.

This is because many of these sites, especially those that end with .edu, are highly respected in Google. They are considered as top-level domains. When you are involved in their efforts, whether you are offering scholarships or sponsoring community events, they post a back link on their site, giving you top level authority that leads to your site.

Reviews Will Be on the Rise

Studies have shown that 68% of users believe that positive reviews increase the chance of using a local service. This is the reason law firms should find ways of streamlining and improving their review management and gathering processes.

The legal profession like any other profession or business relies on the current trends to boost its business. If you need help improving your marketing strategies, reach out to Market My Market to take your legal practice to the next level.