Asking for a second opinion is common practice among customers. Whether you want to buy a new tv, are looking for a safe neighborhood to move into, or just want to find out where to eat the best sushi, nothing is immune to word-of-mouth. While it is still standard practice to ask a friend or family member for local recommendations, more and more customers are using online review sites to find the best choices near their area. Considering this is the case for something as inconsequential as pens, you would be right to believe that your law firm is just as liable to get judged by its star rating.

Determining Reviews For Your Law Firm

Reviews are feedback to your law firm that can be negative, positive, or somewhere in between. They can come from clients you are either working with now or have worked with. Not all reviewers are clients who worked with you through a case, some may leave impressions based off a free consultation or case evaluation. While a law firm review once spread only as far as the local newspaper, now with review sites like Google, Yelp, and, someone’s joy (or anger) can reach out to anyone with a smartphone. The sites listed give anyone who might need a lawyer for their case an idea on who to trust – and who to avoid.

Your Law Firm Needs Online Reviews

When a potential client is looking for a local attorney, they are making a big purchasing decision. The majority of people check review sites as their first step towards finding a lawyer, and the majority will be willing to travel to a farther law office if they deem the reviews good enough. Depending on what review service you use, the people reading your law firm’s directory page isn’t someone who is just doing it for fun, it’s usually someone who doesn’t know you exist and is trying to decide if your legal services meet their needs.

Getting More Online Reviews For Your Law Firm

With understanding how important online reviews are for a law firm, the next question is how to get the reviews. The most important part is to make sure you don’t appear desperate for feedback or attention, as doing so can be offputting to clients and can backfire in the form of a negative review or lost business. Subtlety is key in this case. Ask clients to leave an honest review and make it easy for them to find the review site of your choice. Many people give up quickly if they can’t find your law firm’s review page. Making your page stand our and look nicer can also assist with SEO purposes.

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