Lawyer review sites help potential clients set expectations before contacting a lawyer. You may know how to get more reviews for your law firm, but where should those reviews go? Some people think that their website is the answer, and it is true that a testimonials and case results page can help with client conversion. That said, most visitors know you will only show positive case results.

There is nothing inherently bad about avoiding poor cases, but some clients looking for a lawyer online will want balanced information where the lawyer doesn’t have full control over the page. While this transparency may feel risky, it’s little different than word-of-mouth. In fact, Lawyer review sites are an excellent opportunity to represent yourself. Check out some of the most popular lawyer review sites that users trust.

Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers is one of the most flexible, user-friendly lawyer focused directories available. The directory is designed in such a way that anyone who needs a lawyer in their area can get the quick information needed to make a phone call. This info includes a text string where the attorney can state what makes them stand out, a photo, service area, phone number, and direct link to her e-mail address. Keep in mind that if you want to make use of Super Lawyer’s features like content integration, optimized contact, and mobile friendly profiles, you need to pay for their advertising program.


Despite the spartan design, Martindale-Hubbell is often in the top three of lawyer review websites. The website is not as pleasing to the eye as Super Lawyers, but the advantage lays in the flexibility of its search engine. Users can search by many practice areas and sub-practice areas, directly compare businesses with each other, and even search by Bar Registered practice area. Unfortunately, because the website is not so intuitive, reviews can be hard to find and even more difficult to submit.


Yelp is often cited as the best lawyer directory. Yelpers themselves find this surprising, using the app mainly for finding a local restaurant or beauty salon. While there is not as much focus on attorneys, the advantage of this app is in user experience. Finding information and reviews about your law firm is easy with the intuitive design. Some lawyers may find Yelp frustrating. Positive reviews may be filtered out by the company’s “Review Recommendation Software” while negative reviews stick, enhanced features like video and removing advertising are blocked behind a paywall, and Yelp’s sales team is known to be one of the most aggressive solicitators around. For these reasons, some attorneys elect to leave Yelp alone and choose other channels.

Other factors can play into what directory is best for your law firm. Some cities have more active communities while more rural areas may still rely on the phonebook. Contact Market My Market for expert marketing advice for your law firm, discussing website traffic, search rankings, and how you can answer the needs of potential clients.