When it comes to serving clients, people always try to do their absolute best. This is most evident when your services include legal advice and counsel. However, from time to time, a client might leave a negative review about a given firm if they were not completely comfortable with the final results of their case. There are some common initial reactions to these reviews, from fear of what future clients will think, to anger over receiving a bad review. There are proper ways to deal with these negative reviews, especially when it comes to responding to the client who left the comment. A proper response can turn that review into a positive situation for your law firm.

The Best and Worst Ways to Respond to a Negative Review

Option One: The Silent Treatment

Out of initial fear and anger, it might be tempting to ignore the review simply. This situation does not work in all cases, and it is often not the greatest idea. Making zero attempts to return a reply is as if a point has been lost in missing the ball in tennis: it cannot be regained for a positive note. There is one case where ignoring the review is acceptable, and that is if the client has already received a polite response but continues to deliver negativity in return. In this case, walking away from the conversation is the best option after an initial attempt to make peace fails.

Option Two: Starting a Shouting Match

While some people might automatically go on the defensive and start lobbing back the same attitude toward a client, participating in a shouting match is not the best idea at all. It makes the law firm look unprofessional and petty in the long run. It can be used against the firm in the future. Instead, replying back politely and then walking away, if needed, is a much better idea.

Option Three: Sincerity is the Best Reply

When it comes to replying to a candid review about a law firm, the best thing to do is apply a generous helping of sincerity to the situation. Being transparent in the reply and avoiding sarcasm or a condescending tone can save a review in the long run. Check emotions before sending the reply. Look it over for grammar. Have a second set of eyes look it over and point out any negative aspects of the review. These steps will help to ensure that a review remains polite and professional while avoiding ignorance and arrogance that can put a sour taste in future clients’ mouths should they read these reviews and their replies.

When it comes to promoting a professional and polite atmosphere for a law firm, the best way to do so is handling all clients, even the disgruntled ones, with care. Therefore, sincerely replying to negative reviews will show professionalism which can generate business from a negative review. If you are looking for more advice on improving your law firm’s digital presence, contact Market My Market for a consultation.