Most SEO companies (especially the larger ones) will go about their marketing campaign with you in a very systematic way, consisting most likely of a concrete regimen of links, blogs, web pages, and social postings.  While the content could be well-written and thoroughly researched, and the social postings clever and engaging, is this all you can do to stand out from your competition?

Don’t get me wrong – you may have a specific budget for your SEO ventures.  You may even have some or most of it covered in-house and only need some supplemental tasks done.  But if you’re going “all in” with your company and your scope of work is completely unwavering, it would simply appear that many opportunities are being left on the table.  Links build authority and in turn help with your rankings.  Content creation is the means of your website staying fresh and relevant while creating more avenues for qualified traffic.  Social postings are a channel for your company’s voice and involvement.  But these are only the foundation for being the authority in your market.

So if these routine tasks aren’t all there is to take advantage of, what are some examples of ongoing work beyond the typical scope proposed by many SEO experts and companies?  Here are a few projects we performed for clients after learning more about their current assets, promotions, newly offered services, and company news:

  • Creating a newsletter campaign after the client disclosed that they had a mailing list of 30,000 people
  • Split-testing a campaign to identify homepage improvements for a client whose home page was getting lower instances of user engagement compared to other clients in the same industry
  • Creating a geo-specific remarketing campaign that showed ads catering to specific cities after the visitor exited the website
  • Creating a press release, blog, and video SEO campaign for a client that was recently featured on the news
  • Migrating a client’s website from a slow server to a much faster server to improve user experience and possibly benefit SEO
  • Improving the mobile experience of the client’s website by overhauling the mobile stylesheet via CSS
  • Performing quarterly SEO and web audits for clients to establish a list of potential improvements and adding improvements to our monthly timeline
  • Transcribing videos to get content for FAQs, blogs, or even a “freemium” with its own unique marketing campaign
  • Creating web pages for newly opened company locations
  • Making sure the sitemap is set up correctly and indexing all of your pages and posts, and not including too much media, tags, and categories which are typically much less important
  • Making sure there are no orphan pages on the website and every page you write is definitely crawl-able on the website
  • Using a third party to generate and monitor reviews, like Birdeye.

These are only a handful of the “one-off” projects that are right there to take advantage of.  In many cases, these efforts are requisite to push marketing to this level to compete in especially difficult industries and geographies.

Your website is your virtual namesake. It’s an organic project that is constantly shifting, which is why your marketing efforts should reflect that. At Market My Market, we understand the importance of your website. Our team of marketing experts works to develop a beautiful web design that fits your personal brand. If you’re looking for someone to take your marketing to the next level, schedule a free consultation with us by calling (800) 954-9441 or request a quote online.