One of the biggest distinctions you can make between marketing a product and service is location.  Services are offered very much by location based businesses – unless the product in question can’t be duplicated because of location restrictions, the shelf life of the product, such as food from your favorite fast food chain, or the product procured by the business decides to limit the location (we’re looking at you in and out burger!).  Because of the spatial difference of these businesses, the marketing strategy must be altered to cater to certain radiuses that can be accommodated.  That being said, SEO for service-based businesses will typically use geo-specific terms in their keyword strategies, where a product will attempt to use different long-tailed adjectives to capture different search engine queries that potential clients are inputting.

That being said, here are examples of the two.  One being a pest control company and one being a pest control supply store.


  • Pest Control Companies in Orlando
  • Orlando Pest Control Company
  • 32806 Pest Control Company


  • Cheap Pest Control Products
  • Sprays That Kills Ants
  • Best Traps to Use For Rats

What this will all come down to is creating a campaign that presents your website as the main authority for answering the questions people have when they get to your site from those inquiries, and hopefully converting them into a lead.  Of course, these are only a few examples, and they even the services could easily append adjectives itself (e.g. Best Pest Control Companies in Orlando).  The biggest thing to consider is that products often times don’t rely on geography whatsoever, so you may be competing on a national scale, or even global.

Both a product and service are subject to one of the most important aspects of online criticism – reviews.  Services are restricted to locations and the individuals that provide them, while products are almost always identical and therefore nearly always criticized solely on the preferences of the individuals, unless of course there’s the case of the product being defective in nature.  Service based reviews will be found on up and coming sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google+, and thrown around constantly within the banter of social conversation.  Products can be too, but are exclusive to the online e-commerce sites that enable their purchase online, such as Amazon.

Either way, an experienced SEO/internet marketing company will be able to easily understand the broad gap in marketing strategies and campaigns for marketing a product or a service.  Doing SEO on a city and/or county level is much different from a state, national, or even international level.  It takes more resources and time to capture an audience that isn’t right in your backyard and get them to relate to your product and your company’s mission.

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