In the same vein as products and services, there’s the almost unavoidable continuation of marketing on a local or national scale.  Local tends to be a relatively small radius – typically the businesses radius of service and/or the farthest they ship their products.  It is safe to say that if this extends beyond the confines of their state borders (unless they’re in Rhode Island) that the marketing campaign would be taking a local approach.  Some larger states, with a substantial populous such as Florida, would say that marketing to central Florida would be the threshold of local advertising.  Because of the time and resources already necessary to effectively market to this area, anything beyond it, like Miami, Jacksonville, or Tampa, would fall into an additional, separate local campaign.

Search Engines, like Google, provide tools for boosting the effectiveness of reaching your local community.  Google Places is one example of a great opportunity to rank in a solid position for simply having a business and a business address that isn’t a PO Box.  If you have multiple business locations, each one can benefit from having a Google Places account.  In some cases, if you are a professional practice, such as a Doctor’s Office or Law Firm with numerous professionals, each one may be able to have an account, thought the overall practice or firm may suffer from the results as the Google return query may provide too many options and muddle your initial reason for promoting yourself on Google Places, and that’s to promote your main business.

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