For the New Year, give your business the agility and edge it deserves when it comes to social media. If you thought the bandwagon left already, you may want to rethink and hop on fast because your business will rely on it in 2014.

Here are a few trends we’ve spotted:

More Social Media Jobs

Business Insider foresees a rise in social media jobs and the need for such vital positions in an organization. They predict that 6 social media positions will grow in 2014.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  2. Social Media Strategist
  3. Online Community Manager
  4. Social Media Marketing Manager
  5. Social Media Marketing Coordinator
  6. Social Media Copywriter

What does this mean for your business? Simply, the role of social media will play an essential part toward the future growth of ecommerce. You could either hire an in house employee or you could outsource the work to agency like Market My Market.

Better Platforms

Google+ will be upping their SEO game as well, allowing for more personalized features. MySpace is reasserting its presence back into social media. We’re not sure how that will exactl play out but you should keep an eye out on them. And with the introduction of Instagram Direct and Vine, there is great potential for short marketing videos.

The Three Amigos

The future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will lie in hashtags, keywords, and Hummingbird. Learn how to use #hashtags if you haven’t. Hashtags connect people to each another who have the same interest. Keywords are very important, doing some long tail research and finding keywords that aren’t competitive will help you business show up for niche terms. As for Google’s Hummingbrid, searches will become smarter, matching queries to the relevant information you want.

The connection between social media and marketing has only begun. Now is the time to tap into the source and get a piece of the action before its really too late. Market My Market is here to help you make that great leap forward. Contact us at to make that happen.