Attorneys and law firms can benefit from utilizing social media just like other businesses without appearing unprofessional. The key to using social media successfully is to customize your content to the platform’s audience and then keep posting on a consistent basis. The good news is that maintaining two or three social media channels at a time is enough to have a prolific social media presence.

LinkedIn is for professionals to network; every attorney and law firm should have a LinkedIn profile. You might not secure any leads from LinkedIn, however, it is essential for appearing established. Remember, every major social media channel that you use is another link in Google’s search results that you own.

Facebook is extremely popular with all demographics, therefore, as a lawyer, you should maintain a Facebook business page. Use a professional tone; post about new hires, nonprofits that you support and useful information that someone who was considering hiring a lawyer with your expertise would need to know. Establish yourself as an expert, but also show your human side.

Twitter is frequented by professionals who may one day need an attorney, Establish your expertise by tweeting about your take on current legal news, but avoid any polarizing opinions.

Google Plus has several advantages, including having an impact on your firm’s search rankings since it is a Google property and the ability to link to your other social media sites. Post authoritative, long-form content on Google Plus to attract leads searching for in-depth information.

Create Great Headlines

People share content based on the headline alone, so learn how to write compelling, attention-grabbing headlines.


Invite readers to comment or ask questions, however, screen all comments before posting. Let your readers know that hate speech and profanity are not allowed. When a person does ask a legitimate question, answer promptly.

Content Generation Ideas

Coming up with fresh content ideas can become challenging after a few weeks. Try answering the frequently asked questions from your clients, with one question per post. Create an infographic with statistics that is relevant to the type of law that you practice. People like to share infographics.

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