Businesses everywhere are in search of ways to improve visibility while consumers are in search of a quality local service. Google has successfully connected the business to the consumer with Google My Business. The consumer’s ability to look up services on-the-go is constantly improving as innovations continue to revolutionize mobile technology. The answers to whatever pressing questions a consumer may have is simply a search away; more than likely, a Google search away.

Google My Business takes full advantage of micro-moments by providing consumers with instant and accurate search results. Micro-moments refer to the instance an individual pulls out their mobile device on-the-go in search of a desired service like a local eatery or tech repair company. Individuals who use their phone to search a service are 57% more likely to visit the store, 40% more likely to call, and 51% more likely to make a purchase. With that said, let’s dive into how Google My Business can benefit your business.

Free Service

It’s free! What’s better than a free marketing tool? This service lists your business among other local businesses that provide similar services. Like any other tool, it can only work for you as much as you work for it. This simply means keeping an updated page with accurate information for your potential customer including: your phone number, hours of operation, and physical location.  

Clearly Identifies Physical Location

Roughly 56% of mobile searches have local intent. This means that if your business is nearby and provides the service the consumer is in search of, they are likely to visit and spend money at your establishment. Google My Business lists your physical location in reference to the consumer and allows them to make their choice with this in mind. If the consumer is in need of directions to your business, they will receive step-by-step navigation via Google Maps by simply clicking “Directions” on their mobile device.

Improved Search Visibility

When you search on Google for a service, search results will clearly display a panel of 3 matching businesses just underneath the paid advertisements and above organic search results. The information in the panel will display a star rating, photos, brief description, and location for the specified business. Once the searcher clicks on a specific business, the map opens displaying their physical location and complete profile. This is an unparalleled service that even gives the searcher the option to call your business directly from the search results.

Google My Business successfully advertises your business to the numerous local searches sent out daily. Along with the aforementioned benefits, this service provides a clear channel of communication between the consumer and the business, allowing customers to leave reviews which can further influence a future searcher’s decision.

Google My Business is just one of the many marketing tools at your disposal. Market My Market can fully optimize your digital presence through website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and much more. Contact our team today for a free consultation regarding your business’s digital marketing efforts.