No matter your state of residence, you can appreciate the natural beauty associated with spring. The weather is changing, flowers are blooming, and people are once again enjoying the great outdoors. Similar to how the holiday season calls for particular marketing strategies, you can also optimize your digital marketing to match the theme of the season.

The spring season is unique and — depending on who you ask — known for being one of the most aesthetically pleasing times of the year. This provides you with the opportunity to have your product or service advertising mirror the most basic notions of spring. Get an edge on your competitors by taking the holiday and New Years themed ads out of circulation and implementing these fresh spring marketing strategies.

Colors, Colors, Colors!

Spring is the best time of year to experiment with colorful ads as it is also the most relevant time to do so. Winter can be such a dull and gloomy time and other than the fanfare around Christmas and the New Year, it can be a really depressing season. Provide a much-needed change of pace for consumers by implementing bright, seasonal colors into your advertisements.

Have your design team create a few ads that embrace the season while staying true to the company’s brand. You may even want to make small updates to the homepage of your website that implement more color than usual and consider applying such changes to your email marketing campaign as well. These small changes can be enough to grasp the attention of individuals who may have been following you but have yet to invest in your services and also that of new consumers.

Be Outdoorsy

With the warm weather comes the desire to enjoy it. This means that more people are stowing away their winter coats and moving the short sleeve tees to the front of the closet. There are a few ways you can be outdoorsy with your brand marketing:

  • Promote Outdoor Products or Services: Start emphasizing your products or services that are outdoor related. For example, gyms can advertise an outdoor training session while retail stores can promote products for outdoor use.
  • Sponsor Outdoor Events: No matter what your business may be, you can benefit from sponsoring. Whether it be a youth sports team or a local 5k run, by sponsoring outdoor events you attract consumers you may not have reached otherwise. Implement this into your digital marketing strategy by sending out email blasts and press releases of your community involvement.
  • Produce Outdoorsy Content: Seasonal content is highly effective. Find a seamless way to tie relevant content topics in with the outdoors while implementing meta titles and descriptions that include seasonal targeted keywords.

Get a leg up on the competition by optimizing your digital marketing campaign to cater to people’s willingness to get up and get out.

Embrace Spring Cleaning

Spring is the time of year that people are keen to the idea of clearing out and starting fresh. The concept of spring cleaning embraces that notion and pushes people to clear the community of cobwebs gathered in the corner of the room and rid their vehicles of excess trash that accumulated during previous seasons.

While cleaning, people also get rid of things they don’t need and look to replace or improve upon them. Product sellers can take advantage of this widely shared mindset by ramping up their digital marketing efforts to promote goods that could aid the spring cleaning efforts of the masses. Even service providers can benefit from this ideology by producing witty content that relates their particular services to spring cleaning.

Constantly shifting digital marketing strategies is a feat that no one individual should be tasked with managing. Market My Market houses a content, web design, and web development team that can implement these seasonal changes to keep you at the forefront of your field of work. Contact us today to speak with a digital marketing expert.