We’ve been a huge proponent for videos for quite some time for many reasons. They can rank well, get your message across quicker, have the ability to be more engaging and are more customer friendly.  Does this mean you have to go to a studio and shell out 200 bucks a video to work with a professional?  Or buy your own camera and light kit and set it up just right so it looks good enough to show potential clients?  Not necessarily – there are two options that you have to make quality videos that you can upload to MetaCafe, DailyMotion, YouTube and embed on your website.

First off, smartphones have become sophisticated enough in the realm of cameras and videos that they often can record in a high enough quality to actually be used somewhat professionally.  Apps like iMovie and Splice can take your video to the level you want them.  These are for iPhones, but Android also has a huge marketplace for sprucing up your videos as well.  Many of these apps are as cheap as a few dollars. This will give you an opportunity to shoot videos on the fly, which sometimes is more desirable than using more expensive equipment because you don’t have to lug it around, and you don’t have to worry about getting the equipment stolen or damaged.

Why do you need to make videos and what will you talk about?

So now that you know your smartphone is a viable tool for creating videos, what if you don’t have a smartphone, and want to provide something more tutorial based?  We have some of our videos laid out like that here.  This is using something called “screen capture”, and requires you using your computer and a microphone.  These videos were used with CamStudio. If your business can give advice and tips via a computer or the internet, this is a perfect opportunity for you.  We’ve seen law firms use it for “how to look up your record” or “how to remove a mugshot online”.  IT companies can do it for “how to check if your drivers are outdated.”  This is a great way to get creative and truly show off your expertise.

If you need a good voiceover, an intro animation, or some other help editing and getting your video to look more professional, Fiverr may have plenty of options as well to make that happen.

Have any other questions about videos?  We love talking about video SEO and how it helps small businesses everyday.  Give us a call or an e-mail.