We’re really glad to let our clients and prospective clients alike know that we are officially certified by Google in both AdWords and Analytics!

Ryan Klein recently passed both tests with flying colors and joins the prestigious SEO and SEM ranks that can have “bragging rights” about this feat.

“We’ve been doing this stuff for years with a lot of success”, Klein says in regards to the disciplines tested during these certifications. “Taking the tests was kind of looking at everything I’ve learned and actually practiced for a while from a different perspective.  But I’m glad it is official.”

These certifications issued by Google demonstrate that the individual has a deep and thorough understanding of all Google AdWord techniques for running a profitable Pay-Per-Click campaign as well as the Analytics knowledge for understanding the technical performance of a website and making precise and educated suggestions.

Because of the accomplishment in retaining these certifications, Market My Market will be delivering free Google AdWords and free Google Analytics consultations until May 15th, 2015.  Just email or give us a call to schedule.  If you are located in south Florida we’d love to take you out for a cup a coffee, otherwise Skype or a phone call works for the rest of the country.