Market My Market recently restarted webinars again to go over timely subjects that business owners have been asking about:

  • The ongoing importance of a Review Generation system to consistency get positive reviews on important consumer websites
  • Taking advantage of the overwhelming technical changes that have happened on search engines since the beginning of 2020
  • Using technology and coaching to elevate your intake and conversion process at your business, once and for all
  • Of course, all of this has the underlying condition of preparing for another shift in consumer behavior if/when the second COVID wave comes and we have more instability in the economy

You can watch the replay for our most recent one, “Live Workshop and Q&A for Generating Consistent 5-Star Reviews Online,” which goes over:

  • How important consumers find reviews for professional services to be, and how much research they’ll do before contacting the right business
  • What websites are being thoroughly researched by consumers
  • Why most businesses fail at getting positive reviews
  • Everything you need to set up an automated review generation system that will dramatically increase the likelihood of you successfully getting reviews from former clients
  • How to leverage positive reviews once you receive them
  • How to respond to negative reviews in the unfortunate situation that you have to deal with them

Some of the more commonly asked questions were also answered in the video, including:

  • How far back can I go in my mailing list to send out reviews?
  • Is there a difference between asking for reviews via SMS or Email?
  • Should I prioritize what websites I ask for reviews on?
  • Can I get reviews on multiple websites?
  • Do I have to use software to ask for reviews?
  • What’s the best software to automate these review requests?

Our team works diligently to verify all of the processes and suggestions we promote by using raw data, analytics, surveys, and consumer feedback.

If you have questions specific to your marketing plan, contact us for a free consultation.