If it seems like there is always something new in the digital marketing industry, you’re right. With the continued innovation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you are now able to have instant answers to whatever comes to mind. Many say that this has made the current generation lazy while others will argue that they are being resourceful. Mobile devices have completely changed how we go about our daily routines.

When it comes to digital marketing for law firms, a successful marketing strategy captures a potential client’s attention. The days of simply building a website, publishing it online, and waiting for the clients to come rushing in are over. There are particular daily moments that marketing companies must be aware of in order to optimize their digital presence known as micro-moments.

Micro-Moments in a Nutshell

The term “micro-moments” refers to the instance when an individual is in need of immediate information and turns to their smartphone for answers. These micro-moments can be separated into 4 major categories: I-want-to-know moments, I-want-to-go moments, I-want-to-do moments, and I-want-to-buy moments. It is in these moments that consumers find answers to their questions while also finding their preferred information sources.

Search engines are the primary tools used in micro-moments as they provide an organized outline of possible solutions to pressing issues. I-want-to-know and I-want-to-do moments are most important for your law firm. The content on your website should provide solutions for these moments. If a local driver gets into his first accident, that driver is likely to pull out his phone and search “What to to do after a (city name) accident” or “How to know if I was at fault for an accident.” Your marketing strategy should guide this individual to your website through appropriate ads and relevant content.

Micro-Moment Statistics

Statistics have proven the effects of micro-moments. Your law firm should pay close attention to  the following statistics to best optimize your digital media presence:

  • 91% of people with smartphones use them to get ideas for assigned tasks
  • 62% of smartphone owners are more likely to take immediate action to solve a problem because of their smartphone
  • “Near me” searches have doubled in the last year
  • 66% of individuals with smartphones use their cell phones to look up something from a TV commercial

Being able to take advantage of these micro-moments can drastically increase clicks on your website, thus improving your ability to attract new clients. For a consultation on how to improve your law firm’s digital marketing, contact us at Market My Market.