You already know the importance of a well-structured and appealing website. In an age where most of the developed world uses the internet, you know you can’t afford to neglect this valuable tool. However, simply creating a website is not enough to satisfy potential clients’ needs.

Valuable and engaging content, along with continual updates, are necessary to keep traffic coming to your firm’s site. So, what should you know about building a functional and attractive website? How do you continually attract qualified prospects to your firm using that site?

First and foremost, the proper presentation of your homepage is essential. Your homepage is the first thing users see when they click on your website. You want to make sure they see something that keeps them there. How do you create a useful and appealing homepage? Below are a few things you need to know.

Contact Information

You can have the most visually appealing homepage on the planet, but if you neglect to include your contact information, you may be losing clients. Many lawyers get caught up in the aesthetics of their homepage and neglect this all-important detail. If qualified prospects have difficulty finding a way to contact you, acquiring new clients is going to present a challenge. Growing your client base is a challenge in itself; don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Learn what it takes to create an effective contact form here.

Contact Forms

For many reasons, potential clients may not be able to call your firm. That’s why contact forms are a valuable tool. Including such a form on your firm’s homepage will allow visitors to contact you, even if they can’t make the call. Potential clients can leave details concerning the reason for contacting you, and you’ll be able to reach out to them to provide further information.

Engaging Content

Don’t make the mistake of including complicated legal jargon on your firm’s homepage. Not only is it confusing to potential clients, it’s downright deterring. You want your prospects to feel welcomed and educated by your site, so make sure to include client-focused content. You may want to include information about how you’ve helped past clients to assure readers of your abilities. Think about what makes your firm unique. Include engaging content that makes you stand out from the competition and express why you are the best option to fulfill your clients’ needs. If you can make visitors understand the unique way you can help them, you’ll have a much easier time converting prospects into clients.

Include Your Specialties

When visitors view your website, they’re looking for a solution to a problem. By including the types of cases you handle, you allow visitors to understand whether or not you can help them. To help avoid any confusion, you should clearly display the types of law you practice. Keeping things clear and concise will help you attract highly-qualified prospects.

Loading Times

While this isn’t necessarily something you include on your homepage, it’s one of the most vital parts of a website. Visitors expect a homepage to load quickly. If they have to wait more than a couple of seconds, the back button becomes very appealing. To avoid the dreaded back button, quality web hosting is critical. It may be an added expense, but the long-term benefits of quality hosting far outweigh the cost.

An appealing and informative homepage is critical when you’re looking to convert prospects into clients. With millions of websites vying for user attention, standing out from the crowd is key. Grab your visitors’ interest right from the get-go and watch as your conversion rates climb. Looking to create a homepage that converts? The team  of law firm marketing experts at Market My Market can help. Contact us to see how we can help you with your web design needs.