Search engine ranking through Google is of utmost importance for many companies and their marketing strategies. Improving these rankings can take some time and practice, but the benefits are unmatchable. There is, however,  a difference between ranking on a desktop search versus a smartphone search. Until recently, many SEO gurus did not think this was factual, but further research backs this statement. Here are some reasons they are different and ways to manage both of them more efficiently.

Similarities and Differences between Desktop and Smartphone Google Searches

Research indicates that only a small percentage of queries through Google on a desktop rank the same as they do on a smartphone. Most of the queries vary in some slight way, but most of the listings vary in position for ranking by two slots or more between the two search device options. This scenario can be rather problematic as most smartphones display fewer results per page because of their smaller screens.

Factors that Come into Play for These Variations

There are a few factors that come into play for the variations of rankings between desktops and smartphones. First and foremost, there is a negligible effect that happens with SEO on mobile devices, so understanding these factors is essential to improving your law firm’s rankings for both desktop and smartphone Google searches.

Local results are more likely to show up on mobile Google searches, so Google Places has a greater amount of control over higher ranked results. At the same time, vertical results are most likely to rank differently. There is a blended algorithm for mobile queries that specify which links rank better than others, and this algorithm is completely different from what is used in desktop searches. The type of phone the search is being performed on also has a lot to do with ranking as Android Market, and iTunes will place ads at the top of listings respectively. Finally, it is important to note that brand and store filters do not occur on smartphone searches as they don on desktop searches.

Ways to Make this Difference Work to Your Law Firm’s Advantage

There are a few things that can be done to make this difference between desktop searches and smartphone searches work to a company’s advantage. First, meeting the need to work with autocomplete results needs to take place as these results show up first in mobile app searches. At the same time, there are certain searches in smartphone searches that are interactive, so having some sort of plugin to work with this factor is essential. Furthermore, it is essential to know that Android smartphone users are always logged into their Google account, so this factor can be used to the advantage of a law firm as well.

When it comes to ranking in a Google search, companies need to take SEO very seriously. At the same time, companies need to focus on both desktop search results and mobile search results to be sure that they appear high in search results. For further information on how to maximize your digital presence contact Mareting4Legal. Our digital marketing experts can provide you with the information needed  to take your law firm to the next level.