Welcome to the World of Spam Emails! Are Any Worth Checking Out?

We all get it.  Some of us eat it.  Spam has been around since the internet and e-mail has started to pick up momentum.  “Stuff You Should Know” covers spam too, if you’d like to know the brief history of the phrase as well.  Before digressing too much, sometimes it is important to consider if someone reaching out to you comes with a genuine outreach of value or is just general blanketed spam.  From seeing literally thousands of emails from other marketing companies, I would venture to tier spam emails from obvious, not so obvious, and potentially useful.  So let’s dig deep into my inbox and see plenty of examples of each!



I was just browsing your website on my iPhone and noticed some critical mistakes with your web design that is costing you money and traffic.

This is what your site looks like on mobile:

As you can see, it’s virtually impossible for me to see the text or what services you offer without a lot of strain.

I can build a draft of what your website can look like fully optimized for desktop and mobile, modern and user-friendly and responsive for FREE.

I help businesses optimize their websites in order to fix problems like this, and I can definitely help you get your mobile site up to speed.

If it makes sense to talk, when is a good time on your calendar to chat? Or if you would like me to get to building a draft, simply respond “Draft Please.”

People aren’t generally just “browsing”, and without even mentioning the name of the business or the domain, it is safe to say they didn’t look at anything at all.  For this situation, our mobile website was totally fine.

Hello friends,

My name is John, I was wondering if (website) was accepting contributor articles. I have a background in journalism and have an English degree from Central Michigan University. I am looking to expand my portfolio and I thought I would be a good match for your site.

I am open to additional assignments and maybe even the chance to become a contributor.

Also, are there any guidelines for me to check out?

I look forward to working with you,

This isn’t so much spam to sell you anything, more than it is spam trying to elicit backlinks from your website.  It is called “outreach link building” and these people have no interest in actually providing quality content to their website.  They are attempting to get links back to their desired website for SEO purposes.


I am Anya, a Web Development Manager in India and I work with 130+experienced IT professionals who are into:

Website designing & development, PHP development, E-Commerce solutions &, HTML, Social Media Cover Page Design, iPhone and iPad apps, Game apps.

If you are interested, then I can send you our price list, company information and an affordable quotation with the best offer.

Thanks & Regards


Web Development Manager

Working with overseas developers is tough, especially for a business owner where communication is everything.  Would avoid attempting to work with these parties unless very experienced.


Not So Obvious

Good afternoon,

Based on the success of our various online directories and resources, we now have Exclusive Real-Time MVA Leads available in your area. If your area isn’t sold out, We should chat. Curious where you take cases.

I’m not sure what your cost is now for MVA Inquiries, but these are real time with a full money back guarantee.

Is there a time that works well for you? It should only take 5-10 minutes as our program is fairly simple.

We’re on the west coast and are generally available 9-5. what works?


This is one that I know some lawyers would try out, based on the fact that pay per lead systems are one of the most direct ways to getting leads (obviously).  Also it mentions a specific niche (legal) and practice area (Personal Injury).  Money back guarantees in my experience are typically going to be a hassle to deal with and/or for them to honor.  It typically takes a very reputable company to supply leads in real time that don’t waste your time or your staff’s time, in any industry.

Lawyer Marketing Specialist

Hundreds Of Lawyers Can’t Be Wrong


Do You Want To Get More Law Clients

I talk to countless lawyers, and over and over again I hear the same story: they tried advertising on Facebook and other social platforms, but it just didn’t work.

After spending countless hours and dollars testing, I’ve discovered a new way to get law leads using social media and Google…and this new method works so well that not only does it result in more leads, but higher quality leads – which leads to more cases and revenue for our clients.

Get More Clients. Get Your Area Today.

Up to you to see – most platforms through Google and Social Media aren’t proprietary (basically zero of them are) so a company wouldn’t have further access that a consumer couldn’t get themselves.

I called your office yesterday.  I wanted to let you know we discovered that your webpage contains 2 major problems. The first is that it took 6.9 seconds to load.   This is a major issue and will penalize you on the Google rankings.  The second is that we found several dead links that will also penalize you thus driving traffic away from your site and decreasing traffic

Here is a link to show you the speed that I referenced above –

GTmetrix Performance Report: D (65%) / E (54%)


Fully Loaded time: 6.9s, Total Page Size: 2.69MB, Requests: 131


The good news is that our company can fix these issues for as low as $49/month and help you attract more traffic to your site thus generating more business.

Your site would have to be facing huge issues to not load in nearly 7 seconds.  You can run a report yourself on Google Site Speed Insights to know what’s really happening (or do it yourself on GTMetrix.com to confirm).  When it comes to correcting site speed, typically it is a one time fix (optimizing images, changing servers, leveraging browser caching etc.) which typically can be fixed in a couple hours and just done once.  Any notion this needs monthly maintenance is very misleading. 


Following our lengthy nomination, research and selection process, I am delighted to formally invite you to join Personal Injury Law Experts (www.pi-lawexperts.com) as the exclusively recommended attorney and firm in Orlando for the next 12 months – August 2018 to August 2019.

As you may already know, each year just one leading personal injury lawyer per city or state is selected, recommended and profiled on PI-LE and inclusion is by invitation only. Only 100 attorneys across the country are included each year.

So far this year we have received a huge increase in enquiries and visitor numbers; on average more than 34,000 unique visits per month (with a 17% increase in traffic for Florida during the past 6 months) and following the recent website re-brand, re-launch and SEO optimization, we anticipate even further growth for this year.

The total cost of your 12-month inclusion is $500 USD. This fee is calculated based on the size of the jurisdiction and the search traffic during the past 90 days. There are no additional fees or requirements.

To accept the invitation and join IP Law Experts, please send me a reply confirming your participation. Once we receive your confirmation to proceed, the first draft of your profile page will be sent for your review, along with the invoice for your inclusion fee. You will then have the opportunity to approve or edit your inclusion prior to the profile going live on the website.

We look forward to hearing back from you, answering any questions you may have and hopefully welcoming you to Personal Injury Law Experts as our recommended attorney in Orlando.

Directories are tricky – you’re putting a lot of faith into a site that potentially doesn’t do anything and going off their word.  I would recommend using an advanced tool like SEMrush to see what kind of rankings and traffic it actually does get.


Potentially Useful


I stumbled upon your website and facebook page while researching a competitor of yours and wanted to let you know that I love what you are doing online!

I’m reaching out because I noticed some commonly overlooked (but crucial) things you can be doing to increase the number of leads you are getting from your current online efforts.

I’m a digital marketing expert and wanted to share these insights with you. I made a video to outline what I found.
I’d love to help you guys implement these strategies and go over a custom plan for your brand.

What day on your calendar looks good for a 15-minute chat this week?

Talk soon,

In this situation, the person actually made a whole video going through the site (around 8-10 minutes long) and gave their suggestions on improvements.  If you like what you hear and aren’t involved with someone doing your marketing at the time, this would be an example of someone that can put forth extra effort.


My name is Kyle, I am a law firm marketing specialist with Martindale-Hubbell.  I recently noticed that you do some advertising with our sister company AVVO on their directory, but are not listed on the Martindale-Hubbell directories of Lawyers.com, Martindale.com, and Nolo.com.

If you are interested in gaining some more online visibility for your practice and further strengthening your fantastic website, let me know.  Our directories see more than 15 million visitors monthly, and have proven useful in gaining further leads and clients for law firms such as yours.

We offer a variety of solutions at affordable price points (starting at $150.00 monthly for a listing on all 3 directories), and can match you up with package that will maximize your return on investment.

See below for what our subscriber listings offer, if you are interested in what we can provide your firm let me know when you are available to discuss.  Have a great day.

Trustworthy directories are commonly worth looking into as long as the contracts aren’t too long.  You can measure your ROI fairly easily. 

Take everything with a grain of salt as usual – I think it is fair to occasionally give someone the time of the day if it is catered to your name, business name, URL, and has something that seems like they put in the effort to reach you.