Good marketing should entice potential customers to connect with your products or services. Whether it’s through social media, your website, or any other outlets, the goal remains the same. When it comes to the value that these online advertising efforts can bring, email marketing takes the cake. Nothing creates a more personal connection than seeing a personalized email in one’s inbox. Email marketing can be useful, but implementing best practices into marketing strategies is tricky. Here’s why email marketing remains effective for lawyers.


You may be thinking why you should bother with email marketing. Email marketing frequently brings up the same concerns:

  • Will anyone read the emails?
  • Is email marketing worth the hassle?
  • Does email marketing have a high return on investment (ROI)?

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), email marketing yields a whopping 4,300% ROI. Email marketing practically pays for itself, and, in a study done by HubSpot, costs 33% less on average than other lead-generating marketing tactics. In case your concern was whether anyone will actually open and read your emails, you should know that over 90% of web users check their emails at least once per day. Based on these statistics, you can deduce that email marketing is worth your time and effort.

People Don’t Hate Getting Emails

A popular myth that floats around the internet is that people hate getting emails. That isn’t the case. People enjoy opening and reading emails as long as the email is worth reading. In the long run, emails can build a strong sense of loyalty between senders and recipients. It’s true that people don’t want certain types of emails:

  • Spam emails
  • Emails with an emphasis on sales
  • Poorly written emails
  • Misleading subject lines

No one wants to open an email that isn’t worth reading. Ensure that your email is worth their time by avoiding those practices.

Email Marketing For Lawyers

As a lawyer, maintaining a strong relationship with current and potential clients is the key to maintaining a robust reputation. Keep your emails polite and personal. Different emails are used of different firms and goals. If you need to announce news, there’s the “e-blast” which is similar to a press release. These types of emails provide your readers with the latest information without including “sales-y” content. In addition to e-blasts, your emails could highlight recent cases as a way to provide readers insight into your practice. These emails should include a call to action to prompt readers who may be experiencing similar legal issues to contact your firm. Lawyers can use email a variety of ways to promote services and build relationships.

While it’s possible to run your own email marketing campaigns, Market My Market has years of experience creating email marketing campaigns tailored for lawyers. We’ll create customized campaigns and strategies suited for your law firm. If you’re interested in creating a stellar email marketing campaign to reach potential clients, don’t be afraid to contact us!