Building a solid legal marketing program can get expensive quickly. Often, attorneys and firms question whether such an investment is worth the cost. While there’s no doubt the sum can seem large, the return on investment is more than worth it. So why does powerful legal marketing cost so much? Here’s an overview of where your marketing dollars go.

Content Creation

Many attorneys lack the time to create valuable and impactful content due to a myriad of other responsibilities. But to reach a larger audience, valuable content is key. A professional content writer may not be a small investment, but hiring one is likely to generate more traffic and thus, more business. A professionally written piece of content ranging from 500-700 words is likely to cost $50-$90. Smaller firms in more rural areas can usually get away with fewer blog posts per month; however, firms in more metropolitan areas should consider posting anywhere between 10-20 new pieces of content per month.


Those considering video content should be ready to make a substantial investment. Video creation and editing can cost thousands of dollars, depending on the quality desired. Once the videos have been created and edited, marketing must also be a consideration. Managing the various channels your videos are running on is likely to cost a few thousand dollars as well. This includes channel setup and design, analytics, hosting, and syndication. Creating and managing quality video content requires a substantial amount of time – hence the considerable investment.


This encompasses a broad range of directories – everything from major search engines and legal sites like Avvo, to social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. To drive traffic to a firm’s website, proper setup is critical and can include hundreds of different sites. This setup comprises a large percentage of the cost of legal marketing fees but is necessary for firms looking to stand out among the competition. Setup time is generally around 200 hours, while monthly maintenance may take anywhere from 10-12 hours. Expectedly, the cost of such a service can run anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 per year.

A great deal of time and preparation go into a good marketing program, but don’t let cost deter you. A solid program can be developed for just about every budget. While it may seem like a substantial investment to make, the payoff is sure to be worth it. Are you eager to benefit from elite digital marketing services? Contact the legal marketing experts at Market My Market to get a free quote today.