We’ve had client websites under attack from hackers and susceptible to malware in the past few months, and we’ll go right out and say that BlueHost hasn’t been a shining beacon of server security, customer service, and accountability for uptime on their websites.  Even after moving to our beloved A Small Orange we’re still not completely thrilled with how a lot of hosting companies take responsibility for hosting WordPress platforms.  We definitely understand that certain themes when not updated will have security gaps, and even more so with plugins, but it typically comes with the territory.  The bottom line is, the majority of websites in the world are on WordPress – millions of them.  Much like the difference of PC and Mac, this is why so many are under attack.

Now Market My Market isn’t an IT company or website security company, but by the byproduct of working on websites and dealing with client issues, we’ve learned a lot about how some websites are targeted and how others aren’t.  We understand that good digital marketing requires a website free of malware and viruses, so here are some reasons why your website is constantly dealing with malware issues:

  • Make Sure Your WordPress is Always Up to Date – Pretty self-explanatory.  Most of the time the updates happen because of security reasons.
  • Theme is up to Date – If your theme’s developer has completely bailed out, it may leave your website completely vulnerable after a while
  • Plugins Trustworthy and Up to Date
  • With a Host That is Responsive and Isn’t Known for Widespread WordPress Problems – Bluehost crippled dozens of hours of our productivity with the inability for them to assess and assist our problems.  Find a host that knows better.  Also a host that doesn’t threaten you with monthly security costs, and offers free malware scans.