Joe DiNardo, known as the Godfather of the legal financing industry, is a trial lawyer by training and practiced for twenty-five years. Throughout this time, DiNardo became familiar with the difficulties of financing a contingency to practice. In 2005, he started Counsel Financial which provides lines of credit to contingent fee lawyers using their contingent fees as the collateral for their loans. DiNardo is currently the CEO of Plaintiff Support and the founder of Counsel Financial.

Dean Chase spent a number of years in the medical industry and then found his way into the legal field due to a chance opportunity. Chase is a qualified industry expert in law firm financing, banking, litigation and medical funding, ancillary services, and special projects for law firms that are in growth and or repositioning modes, including mergers and acquisitions. Chase is currently the President and CEO of Plaintiff Support.

Joe and Dean created Plaintiff Support in 1992. A company that provides pre-settlement, non-recourse funding to the plaintiff which means that if the case is lost they don’t have to pay a settlement.

On This Episode, We Discuss…

  • Loans and Post-Settlement Financing
  • Spearheading the Movement of Legal Financing
  • Creating Plaintiff Support
  • Plaintiff Litigation Funding & Financing