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7 Digital Marketing Trends Dental Practices Should Be Aware of

Shifts in digital marketing opportunities take place in every professional service industry, and medical—especially dental—is no different. Whether the changes are taking place with Google’s black box of a search algorithm or consumers’ behaviors and interests are dramatically different than they were just a few years ago, the saying “the only thing that remains consistent […]

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AI or People: How Critical is Google Over Dental/Health Content With the Increasing Prevalence of AI?

The emergence of ChatGPT has changed the way many companies address content creation. This seemingly cheap way to generate huge volumes of content took a big bite out of quality. For the healthcare industry, including dental practices, the prevalence of AI content comes with benefits and downsides. Becayse Google continues to be extremely strict on […]

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​​How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Campaigns

Dental specialists, of course, want to grow their practices. Unfortunately, many are going about it without a marketing plan. Dental Economics conducted a survey that found over 50% of dental businesses don’t effectively track the results they get from their marketing efforts. You could be potentially wasting over half of the revenue you bring in […]

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What You Should Look For in a Marketing Agency and What You Should Avoid

Marketing helps promote your dental practice, create your brand image, engage existing patients and reach potential new ones, propel growth, and boost sales. It can be a big decision when it comes to outsourcing your marketing efforts. If you’re considering hiring a professional marketing team to handle some or all of your business marketing, you […]

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Why Google Maps Could Be Your Highest ROI Digital Marketing Channel

Ranking high on Google Maps is a highly effective method of online marketing for dental specialists to reach potential local patients. When searching for a local business, consider your habits. How often do you find the business listed on Google Maps? Do you look for local businesses on your phone through the Google Maps app? […]

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Does Social Media Drive Relevant Traffic?

Most dentists aren’t social media influencers. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try attracting new patients online through social media marketing. But, as a dental specialist, it’s likely you’re too busy with the daily tasks of running your dental practice to even think about managing a social media marketing campaign. Perhaps you do have a […]

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How Focus Groups Can Help Improve Your Dental Practice

A focus group is a research method that involves collecting opinions and feedback from a small group of people about a particular product or service. The feedback can provide a better understanding of how the general public is likely to feel about the product or service being offered, or how the product can be improved. […]

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Navigating the Dental Networking Web: Connecting with Colleagues Your Way

Welcome to the world of dentistry, where your days are packed with patient appointments, office hours, and never-ending education courses. After dental school, it’s all too easy to find yourself isolated and lost in the daily grind. Who has time for networking, right? It’s time to break free from that misconception. Networking is no longer […]

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How Important Patient Reviews Are and How to Solicit Them

People crave convenience in today’s world, particularly when they’re looking for services such a dentist. Often, they’ll search out reviews to help guide them through the final decision-making process. Having a strong online presence is crucial for any type of business, but when it comes to dental practices, it’s paramount. However, in order to leverage […]

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How to Determine Your Marketing Budget

Dental specialists frequently wonder what type of marketing budget would be appropriate for their practice. How much money should they budget for marketing and growing their dental business to keep the patients and revenue coming in? How much does their competition spend? These are common questions when trying to determine a marketing budget. Every dental […]

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How Marketing Videos Can Improve a Patient’s Experience and Why You Should Invest in Them

Dental video marketing has been on the rise in the last few years as social media apps have become a necessary part of marketing. Having a solid online video presence for your practice is one of the best benefits of digital marketing. A lot of practices are turning to video marketing methods to increase their […]

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Are you attracting the patients that pay the bills? Do you understand what you are paying for each month? Transparency, great communication and excellent customer service are things you’ll experience when working with the dental marketing experts at Market My Market.


Your marketing dollars are important and your practice should be aware of what you are paying for. When working with Market My Market, you’ll know what we are working on every day and why.


Since we specialize in marketing for dentists and oral surgeons, we have a strong pulse on what is working and what isn’t. Especially in the digital dental marketing industry.


We track calls, leads and traffic in real time. We create a customized dashboard that is specific to what makes sense for your office’s goals. We also provide month over month expert analysis on all pertinent metrics.

30-60-90 DAY PLANS

No dental office is identical. Staff, offerings, goals, budget and geographies are all items we consider when creating your marketing plan. Goals, practice areas, budget, and geographies are all items we consider when creating your marketing plan. We create a customized plan for every medical office we work with. When you work with Market My Market you’ll know the marketing plan for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

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