We’ve helped clients in various industries expand their reach through our specialized marketing services. Each new project is accepted as a challenge to which we dedicate thorough research and analysis. We work closely with our clients to pinpoint all the different ways their businesses can grow. By focusing on goals that are tailored to the individual, we develop a customized marketing strategy that is set up for success. These case studies showcase some of the highlights of our clients’ experiences.

Baltimore, MD - PI Lawyer

Traub Law Experiences Long-Term Growth

in Leads with Marketing Campaign

Learn how Traub Law tripled the number of leads it was receiving, and significantly enhanced its online reputation, with a multi-channel marketing strategy with the help of Market My Market.

Louisiana Criminal Defense Attorney

Eric G. Johnson Law Receives Remarkable Increase

in Leads with Statewide Marketing Campaign

Learn how Eric G. Johnson Law drastically increased the amount of organic traffic and leads it was receiving with a comprehensive SEO campaign.

West Palm Beach, FL - Criminal Defense Attorney

Brian Gabriel Esq. Grew His Organic

Traffic By 176% in One Year

Learn how The Law Office of Gabriel & Gabriel increased organic traffic and qualified leads dramatically in 3 years with SEO, PPC, and social media marketing by Market My Market.

New Jersey Oral Surgeon

Union City Oral Surgery Group Stands Out

from Competitors with MultiCity Campaign

Learn how Union City Oral Surgery Group nearly tripled its organic traffic, increased first-page keywords on Google by 183%, and received significantly more calls with SEO and content marketing by Market My Market.

National Membership Group

NITA Experiences Exponential Growth

in Leads with a National Marketing Campaign

Learn how the National Investigative Training Academy increased search engine rankings and tripled its leads to enhance its online reputation with a full scope marketing strategy by Market My Market.

Michigan Attorney

Michigan Legal Center Increased

1st Page Keywords By 135%

Learn how Christopher Trainor & Associates increased top 3 keywords by 173%, first-page keywords by 136%, and monthly qualified leads with SEO and content marketing by Market My Market.

Arizona Personal Injury Attorney

In One Year, Karnas Law Firm Increased

Organic Traffic by More Than 100%

Learn how Karnas Law Firm increased rankings and traffic to position itself as a premier personal injury law firm in Arizona through an effective statewide SEO campaign by Market My Market.