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Proven Marketing Plans for Doctors and Surgeons. Transparent SEO, Content, Social Media and Paid Search. Unparalleled Client Experience.

Creative Services

Websites and Video Production That Converts. We Create Using Cutting Edge Tactics & Techniques To Turn Visitors into Customers.


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Do you know what your marketing company is doing for you on a daily basis? When working with Market My Market, you'll know what we are working on every day and why. We pride ourselves in transparency. It is a core value here at Market My Market.

Real Time Reporting

We track calls, leads and traffic in real time. We create a customized dashboard that is specific to what makes sense for your office's goals. We also provide month over month expert analysis on all pertinent metrics.


Since we specialize in marketing for doctors and surgeons, we have a strong pulse on what is working and what isn't specially in the medical marketing industry.

30-60-90 Day Plans

No medical office is identical. Staff, offerings, goals, budget and geographies are all items we consider when creating your marketing plan. Goals, practice areas, budget, and geographies are all items we consider when creating your marketing plan. We create a customized plan for every medical office we work with. When you work with Market My Market you'll know the marketing plan for the next 30, 60, and 90 days.






Are you attracting the patients that pay the bills? Do you understand what you are paying for each month? Transparency, great communication and excellent customer service are things you’ll experience when working with the medical marketing experts at Market My Market.

We are a team that has your back. We meet weekly via Zoom, offer real-time reporting, and provide month-over-month analysis with action.

We don’t waste time learning and testing the correct marketing strategies for your practice. We already know what works based off of proven success with other practices.

Market My Market will help your practice become and stay competitive.

Frequently Asked


They are experts at what they do. They are thought leaders in the medical marketing community.  They write articles, guides, & blogs surrounding new and innovative medical marketing tactics.

Marketing for medical offices is very competitive. It is important to make sure you work with a medical marketing agency that specializes and has similar clients to your practice.  Do they have a proven marketing plan that will work for your geography?

We work with Spine Centers, IVF, Surgeons, Hospitals, General Health and Specialized Practices.

Google’s recently introduced “EAT” standards should be applied to your content strategy. Integrating video into your marketing efforts will help your practice stand out.

When choosing the best agency to work with it may be difficult to decide who is the best fit for your practice.  It is important to make sure the marketing firm you choose to work with has a proven track record, testimonials, and proven processes.

There are many factors that attribute to the timeline of an effective SEO campaign gaining traction.  In some smaller less competitive markets progress can be seen in as quickly as 6-10 weeks.   In highly competitive markets real change may take much longer.  Once our team evaluates your current progress on Google, goals and competition, we will be able to give a more accurate timeline.