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Result Producing & Transparent SEO, Content, Social Media and Paid Search. We Execute Proven Marketing Plans, While Delivering A Great Client Experience.

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Legal Specific Website and Landing Pages That Convert. We Build Using Cutting Edge (CRO) Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques To Increase The Likelihood of A Visitor Becoming A Lead.

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We share a full view of what our team is working on daily. There are no secrets to what we do, just hard work and following proven processes. We provide our clients with the specific tactics our team is working on and why.

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Log into your custom dashboard to see real time ranking, leads, traffic, calls & more. We also provide month over month analytics on all key datapoints to ensure the campaign is trending in the right direction.


Our team consists of multiple prior in house Marketing Directors at some of the largest Law Firms in the country. Since we specialize in law firm marketing, we have a strong pulse on what is working and what isn't specially in the legal industry.

30-60-90 Day Plans

No Law Firm is the same. Goals, practice areas, budget, and geographies are all items we consider when creating your marketing plan. We create a customized plan for every Law Firm we work with. You'll know exactly what the marketing plan is for next 30, 60, and 90 days.








Transparency, communication and a great customer experience are things you’ll come to expect when working with Market My Market.

Weekly Zoom Calls, real-time reporting, and month-over-month analysis provide the necessary insights that our clients have been counting on for many years.

We are experts in the legal marketing community. We don’t waste time figuring out how to implement the right strategies. We formulate plans based off of proven success with other successful Law Firms.

We have decades of combined experience in the legal community, proven processes that transform our clients, and a great track record.

Market My Market will help your Law Firm become competitive and stay competitive.

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Legal Marketing

Common Terms

In addition to applying best practices to your homepage, service pages, About pages, and other important pages on your website, we create organized and meaningful quarterly content plans to cover every potential way a potential client may search for your firm.  Through blogging, granular service pages, and geo-pages (and later, all of our current optimization techniques), we work to position your firm for the dozens if not hundreds of different ways someone may be searching for a firm like yours.  Since search has evolved as much as technology and intent, we prepare our clients for every change in consumer search behavior.

Blogging is not the regurgitation of accidents and arrests in your community.  Blogging is your platform for answering all of the most important questions potential clients have in your territory.  We create a robust plan for your blog, creating a thorough and effective approach to positioning your firm online for the long-tailed queries people are searching to find answers and legal representation your firm can provide.

While you’re going to get plenty of traffic to your main practice area pages when they’re optimized correctly (EX: creating pages for Divorce as a Family Lawyer, Auto Accident as a Personal Injury Lawyer, and DUI as a Criminal Lawyer) we still expand upon these pages to capture more traffic from more specific searches (EX: Uncontested Divorce as a Family Lawyer, Rideshare Accident as a Personal Injury Lawyer, 2nd DUI as a Criminal Lawyer).  This not only fulfills intent much quicker and increases the chances you’ll be contacted but support your main practice area pages.

Local visibility is a huge emphasis of ours in our content plans, as your service area doesn’t have to be your immediate backyard.  We position your firm to have a presence in a larger radius through optimized content and utilizing other SEO tactics to broaden your potential of being seen exponentially.  Just consider being in a 10-mile radius covers 314 square miles.  If you can utilize your content and optimization to expand out another 10 miles, you’re now covering 1,256 square miles.

Preparing for the changes in search, happening now and more over time – “(Practice Area) Lawyer Near Me”, “Find Me the Best Lawyer in (City)”.

It’s our goal to cover every aspect of search and intent via our content plan while making the firm look like the expert in the community and providing genuinely helpful resources.  We can’t just write content and expect it to be seen.  It requires best practices to be applied as well.

Many best practices haven’t changed too much over time…according to Google.  The fact of the matter is, with every algorithm update, something is changing whether they present it or not.  It takes the cognizance of SEOs to see and adjust to the nuances.  All content needs a degree of observance in these best practices, which include proper use of internal/external links, URL structure, site architecture, meta information, keyword density, and H tags, to name a handful.

Google has over 100 pages of documentation on what they call E-A-T Standards, standing for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This can be perceived as another layer of best practices on top of SEO, more for a user experience.  When implemented, they have a positive impact on the rankings of the respective pages.  Establishing EAT on your content requires the addition of reputable references, awards/accolades/accomplishments, and many other criteria that position you as the expert on your content.

When we begin to drive qualified traffic to pages on our clients’ websites, it is also our responsibility to do what we need to help convert the traffic as well.   We utilize heat maps and behavior flow to see how people interact with pages on the website and consider strong call-to-actions and additional functionality like chat and static click-to-call’s to help visitors contact the law firm.

Though between content and proper on-site optimization, we cover most of what positions our clients for success, there is one last piece of the puzzle: authority building.

One of the most difficult and elusive aspects of SEO for most digital marketing professionals and agencies is an effective and impactful link building strategy.  Most agencies defer this task to link building packages online, or even worse, overseas agencies that have zero relationships with legal and business resources.  Our high-level link building approaches are almost entirely in-house through years spent building relationships with hundreds of law firm-related blogs and websites.  In some instances, we have assistance in building profiles and posting content to the numerous destinations we have access to, but this is never a completely outsourced process because of its paramount importance in contributing to rankings and visibility.

Citations are essential for letting search engines know where you fall geographical in the physical scheme of the internet.  We establish hundreds of secured, cohesive citations immediately in the first 30 days of working together and ensure any business information that is inaccurate is corrected indefinitely.  We periodically monitor the cohesiveness of your Name, Address, Phone, and Website, and make sure they are done so permanently to the best of our abilities, not as long as you pay an annual fee like some services.

Market My Market is known for its curation of over 130+ legal directories, monitoring up and coming websites constantly for new opportunities.  We manually add our clients to this comprehensive list to get additional links and visibility.

Since law firm marketing is so competitive, it is our responsibility to always find link opportunities to help our clients differentiate themselves in their market.  You may have heard of some agencies putting the burden of link building on their clients in the form of event sponsorships, donations, and scholarships – while in some instances we may explore some of these avenues to build authority, our resources and process allow us to build the vast majority of links we need to rank without you having to expect additional monthly fees and responsibilities for something your marketing partner should be able to handle themselves.

While these are the three main pieces of a successful SEO campaign, we still strive to give our clients a competitive advantage by doing other campaigns that will widen the gap between them and their competition.

Being a part of the Google Maps 3-pack is one of the most coveted positions in any given search result.  Featured prominently on mobile with an easy click-to-call and showcasing your reviews, some law firms enjoy the absolute highest quality leads from these organic positions.  We strive to optimize Google My Business locations through a dedicated, separate SEO process to achieve results as soon as possible while other organic rankings make their way up.

Have a video series?  Market My Market can leverage videos for more visibility on the internet’s number two search engine in the world: YouTube.  Through titles, descriptions, tags, and other best practices, we’ll drive additional qualified traffic via your videos.

We pride ourselves in being able to understand and formulate a technical process every time Google throws another curveball at us.  Our clients benefit from the dedicated proactivity it takes to remain competitive in the changing digital marketing landscape.  Here are examples of SEO opportunities that will help our clients outperform their competition:

Structured Data

Additional back-end information for search engines that dramatically augments their search results

Voice Search

Optimization techniques for helping law firms come up first by voice-activated inquiries on home and mobile devices.

Core Web Vitals

Google has made it clear that site speed and user experience is officially a ranking factor that’s here to stay.

If “My” wasn’t the middle name of our business, transparency would be.  We strongly believe in transparent and ethical reporting – bringing in the bad with the good, but always having a plan of action.  We track all of our marketing campaigns with nearly 100% accuracy (even organic) through partnerships with companies like CallRail so we know we’re able to make the best decisions about marketing for your law firm.

Frequently Asked


They are passionate about what they do, commonly producing webinars, articles, guides, blogs, podcasts, and videos that are in line with what the digital marketing community is vocal about.

Since marketing for law firms is so competitive, it is important to consider if it is the agency’s niche, if they have team members with in-house experience, if they observe exclusivity for each city/practice area, complete transparency and responsiveness, and a marketing blueprint that has been proven in the past.

Most agencies don’t do a full scope with B2B firms, though they can help with consulting and web development most times. The majority are B2C, including Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy, etc.

Understanding “EAT” Standards and how they apply to content. Becoming aware of the possibilities of podcasting and producing videos.

When deciding between agencies, it may be hard to differentiate who is more capable since the services offered are relatively similar: SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing etc..  It is important to 1) Read testimonials 2) See what positions and results they’ve achieved with their current clients 3) Gauge if they are thought leaders in their respective fields of marketing

The golden question – it highly depends on how competitive the area is and how long the website has actively been doing SEO for.  Some less competitive markets could take as few as 6-10 weeks, even less if you get on Google Maps.  Sometimes it can take over a year.  So the answer is, it is case by case.

For organic campaigns, typically 6 months with 6-month renewals.  This gives us both time to see our comprehensive scope of work pan out. For paid campaigns, depending on the arrangement, they can be 3 months and then go month to month.

Between advertising ethics and regulations, the highly competitive nature of the legal marketing industry, and the huge change in advertising approaches and channels every year, it would be a safe bet to work with an agency that specializes almost entirely in doing marketing for lawyers for your law firm.