Core Values

  • Do What You Say
  • Be Honest & Transparent
  • Proactive, Not Reactive
  • Be Thought-Leading
  • Instill Trust Through Consistent Accountability
  • Always Do Better, Always Be Better
  • Do the Right Thing



  • Empowering Entrepreneurial Professionals



  • Unparalleled client experience through transparency, accountability, and dedication

What Make Us


  • Former In-House Experts
  • Current In-House Production
  • Complete Transparency & Accountability
  • Transformational Rather Than Transactional Client Relationships

Leading, by Example

Market My Market takes pride in a having a team of unique backgrounds and distinctive experiences.   Our agency values and our specific vision for the Digital Marketing client/agency relationship bring everyone and everything together.  By creating an environment where everyone can contribute new ideas, not just the owners and those with seniority, we are able to have to have continuous perspective and challenge the status quo for what is accepted as success in an ever-changing industry.

Illustrating Marketing Plans That Work

We don’t see our agency as the same as other agencies  – it’d be myopic thinking our clients were similar to one another as well. Though there are aspects of a strong digital marketing campaign that wouldn’t change from one agency’s plan to another, such as Content Marketing, Google Ads, Link Building etc., it is the execution and insight that make all the difference.  Our team is motivated by the unique opportunities that are present by your business being unique.  We thrive on being able to be creative, and your business thrives as a result of separating from your competition.

Aiming at What Works

Digital marketing is objectively fast-paced and changes constantly.  It’d be alarming to have a digital partner that provides the same game plan and tactics year over year.  Our team looks at our processes and strategies as “the best up to this point, but will always need to change to be better”.  This creates a mindset that allows us to celebrate the wins we accomplish for our clients, but to resist complacency and continue to work hard to stay aggressive.

Driven by the Future

We want to stay not just ahead of competition, but several steps.  We are fueled by the solicitations sent to our clientele promising their own version of a future and the tactics they intend on using to get there.  Many of those tactics we have employed months and months prior.  This may seem tiresome but we find it energizing.

The space in which we do our work is unpredictable, and sometimes outright volatile.  We welcome any change, because every change is an opportunity.