Market My Market is the place to be with in-house experts in every department who all come together for one goal, to help make our clients succeed in what they love to do.” – Taylor Dicken – Account Management Team

The team constantly is growing and evolving and it is exciting to be part of a company where you see how your work has a direct impact.” – Alexa Pavuk – Account Management Team

“I get to work on projects that allow to use creativity and strategic thinking and am always encouraged to grow in different areas of my field.” – Anastasiya Kalyuk – Content Team

“I work at Market My Market because it is a great company that provides unparalleled marketing services with a team of brilliant and friendly people.” – Noah Swor – SEO Team


Market My Market

Chase Williams


Ryan Klein

CEO / Founder

Alex Budris

Account Manager

Alexa Pavuk

Account Manager

Alyssa Reina

SEO Specialist

Anastasiya Kalyuk

Content Writer

Brandi Bellingham

Content Specialist - Social Media

Caleb Kelch

Podcast Producer & Brand Manager

Cliff Huddleston

Senior Account Manager

Cory Coleman

Director of Marketing

Eric Bersano

Vice President of Business Development

Erin Gough

Director of Operations

Guido Tebano

Business Development

Hanna Kernal

Content Writer

Isabel Skormin

Content Specialist - Storybranding

Jackie Mauro

SEO Specialist

James Moorhouse

Business Development Consultant

Joanna Brooks

Director of Client Experience

Jordan Kimmel

Content Lead

Katie Cowan

Account Coordinator

Katie McLoughlin

Content Writer

Kelly Quintana

Content Writer

Kianny Jimenez

Content Writer

Lindsay Bennett

Content Writer

Mya Forster

Business Development Assistant

McKenzie Fox

Content Specialist - Quality Liason

Melissa Pallares

SEO Specialist

Noah Swor

Marketing Manager

Paul Warren

Director of MMMX

Sanjay Bogle

Account Coordinator

Selena Moore

SEO Manager

Shlomo Kugler

Head of Video Department

Taylor Dicken

Senior Account Manager

Tyesha Ferron

Content Writer



Employee Spotlight: Guido Tebano

Meet Guido Tebano, an experienced member of the business development team at Market My Market! Guido is a sales and marketing MVP and uses his skills and expertise to help his clients maximize their return on investment and generate qualified leads. He has a bachelor of science in biology from State University at Albany and […]

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Employee Spotlight: Kenzie Fox

Meet Kenzie Fox, our skilled Content Specialist and Quality Liaison at Market My Market! Kenzie is based out of Orlando and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in human communication and an associate’s degree in psychology. Before coming to Market My Market, Kenzie developed her professional skills by coaching […]

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Employee Spotlight: Brandi Bellingham

Meet Brandi Bellingham, a talented content writer and social media strategist on our content team! Brandi is based in Orlando, Florida and has been a valuable asset to Market My Market over the past year. Brandi studied and completed courses in creative writing while attending college and was a cake decorator for the majority of […]

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Employee Spotlight: Jackie Mauro

Meet Jackie Mauro, one of our skilled SEO specialists here at Market My Market! Jackie is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and graduated from Clemson University in 2019 with a BS in marketing and a minor in Psychology. She enjoys being a part of MMM’s SEO team, which she describes as “hardworking, extremely helpful, and […]

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Employee Spotlight: Alexa Pavuk

Meet Alexa Pavuk, one of our talented account managers at Market My Market. Alexa is a pro at using her problem-solving skills to build meaningful relationships with clients and contribute to their overall success. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and MBA from Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Alexa is based in upstate […]

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Employee Spotlight: Maria

Meet Maria, our favorite Content Manager at Market My Market! Maria brings extensive knowledge of content and writing to our content development team. She has a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing and dual minors in history and women’s studies. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria regularly led a writing critique group of individuals who wrote […]

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Employee Spotlight: Melissa Pallares

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in business management from Cal Poly Humboldt State University, Melissa Pallares began looking for career opportunities. Yet, it didn’t take long for her to realize that business management wasn’t her niche; That’s when she turned her focus to marketing roles. “Marketing was an area I was always interested in and […]

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Employee Spotlight: Katie Hughes

Katie Hughes began her career in account management back in 2013 at a small startup. Since then, she’s worked at two other agencies, one being a full-service marketing firm. Her most recent position involved managing global, multilingual digital marketing initiatives for companies like PNC Bank and Microsoft.  Katie’s multifaceted background has given her experience in […]

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Employee Spotlight: Jordan Kimmel

Jordan Kimmel has loved writing and telling stories ever since he was a child. To further his passion for writing, he studied journalism in college and worked at the student newspaper, The Daily Free Press. Through subsequent internships at Sony Music in New York and Indigo Agriculture in Boston, he realized that content writing was […]

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Employee Spotlight: Taylor Dicken

Account Manager Taylor Dicken loves people. She majored in psychology during her undergraduate career where she learned more about people and what makes them tick. Most importantly, she wanted to understand how she could help others in any way possible. “My love of people I think is what drew me into account management,” Taylor said. […]

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Consultant Spotlight: James Moorhouse

James Moorhouse has been in the legal marketing industry for over 20 years, beginning in 1999 Southern California where he worked with several different law firms. It was in 2017, however, when James took the leap and started his own business: JPM 4 Marketing.  “I mainly would go into law firms and act more as […]

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Employee Spotlight: Eric Bersano

Growing up, Eric Bersano lived on a military base. He worked in the mess hall for one day and quickly realized that it wasn’t for him. “My friend was selling vacuums door-to-door and convinced me to join,” Eric said. He did that for a few summers and throughout college, driving throughout Nebraska and Kansas. In […]

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Employee Spotlight: Erin Gough

Market My Market is a fast-growing company. With 50+ clients and an ever-expanding team of content writers, SEO specialists, account managers, and more, Market My Market has many moving pieces. Fortunately, we have Erin Gough as our Operations Manager, who oversees many of our processes and ensures that we have everything needed to be successful.  […]

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Employee Spotlight: Cory Coleman

Cory Coleman began working in search engine optimization (SEO) just as many people do—by accident.  “I originally went to school for a business degree, but didn’t really know what I wanted to do with it,” Cory said. While still in school, Cory began working for a customer service agency that also did digital marketing. “I […]

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Employee Spotlight: Noah Swor

Noah Swor began and grew his interest in marketing through his time at the University of Central Florida while obtaining a business degree. Noah applied for an internship at Market My Market during his undergrad studies to grow his skillset and gain hands-on experience. “Throughout my internship, I gained a great foundation in SEO and […]

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Employee Spotlight: Joanna Brooks

Joanna Brooks, Director of Client Experience, is no stranger to the marketing and business world. With a degree in business from the University of Miami and a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business, Joanna knows the ins and outs of managing client relations.   After obtaining her MBA, she […]

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Employee Spotlight: Chase Williams & Ryan Klein 

Chase Williams and Ryan Klein, founders and managing partners of Market My Market, have been in the marketing industry for years. They first met as freshmen at the University of Central Florida. The two lived in the same dorm building and became friends through playing guitar in the common areas. After college, they went their […]

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